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Large 'Adjust-A-Bowl' Soft Cork Bowl

Adjust-a-Bowl, Sustain-a-bowl and Wash-a-bowl! There’s a lot to like about our cork fabric bowls. They are designed to adjust to fit any cargo, and are the ultimate “hold everything” bowls that are always just the right size! Use one to showcase fruits, bread, soaps and toiletries, or anything else you want to display. Made with silky, durable cork fabric, this bowl will maintain its softness and pliability over time.
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Key Features

  • Washable – Need to clean it? Just toss it in the washing machine. Cork is remarkably sanitary. It’s anti-microbial, as well as water- and stain-resistant.
  • Clean bowl in washing machine (not dishwasher). Or hand wash and wipe dry.
  • Revive cork with all-natural cream or oil. 


12 inch Diameter.


With founders originally from Portland, Oregon, Bambu believes in the philosophy of creating handcrafted local products directly at their source in China. These items reflect the beauty and simplicity of the original raw materials, and are presented with a modern twist. Environmental sustainability is at the heart of Bambu’s philosophy, as is 3rd party certification and testing, fair labor practices, safe working conditions, and the greening of their supply chain. Bambu takes great pride in offering these unique, high quality, and durable products to customers around the globe.

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Cork is an excellent renewable resource and a great alternative to synthetic fabrics and rubbers. Cork material is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree without incurring any harm to the tree, which can live up to 250 years. In fact, when the cork is harvested and the bark removed, the tree will absorb up to 5 times more CO2 than a tree left idle. Studies show that cork products use 10 - 20 percent less carbon than aluminum or plastic alternatives.

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Additional Info

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