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Monthly Archives: March 2015

  • ClimateStore Launches Ambassador Program

    We are pleased to announce our new collaboration with a team of eight amazing bloggers to help us get the message out about climate change, and more importantly, to increase awareness of carbon lowering solutions. Climate change is human caused and extremely urgent, but there is real hope if we start working on solutions today. Many of these solutions can take place right at home with a few easy steps. Our ClimateStore Ambassadors are full of great, interesting ideas on how to live in a climate friendly way at home, school, and work. Check out their websites, and follow them...

  • ARTIC, A Forward Looking Transportation Hub with a Climate Friendly Design

    Reinventing our transportation infrastructure is critical to reducing our collective transportation carbon footprint. This includes increasing the number of electric vehicles, moving to alternative fuels like biodiesel and importantly, reimagining our use of public transportation. On a recent visit through California, I discovered a community that was doing just this. When the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center - ARTIC - opened in December, residents, commuters and visitors could for the first time step into a hub where 10 modes of transportation converged. These included both Metrolink and Amtrak trains, metropolitan and charter buses, shuttles, tour buses and taxis. In the...

  • Supplier Spotlight: Organic Affinity

    Last month we launched our series of supplier spotlights, during which we go behind the scenes of ClimateStore’s most innovative partner brands. Each of these brands helps people reduce their carbon footprints by manufacturing unique carbon-lowering products. This month, we sat down with Organic Affinity, a manufacturer of stylish sustainable earbuds. Tell us a little about your story. Organic Affinity was founded in 2012 as a creative expression of our passion for the Earth. We knew that the world needed to start manufacturing more environmentally-friendly products, so we stepped up to design some great sounding headphones that are eco-friendly and...

  • 7 Reasons LEDs are Worth the Extra Money

    When it comes to easy ways to save energy, people having have been telling us for years to turn off the lights. Do lightbulbs really use that much energy? Is it really worth spending money on expensive light bulbs to save a few bucks on utility bills? It turns out that lighting uses a substantial portion of our electricity in the U.S. Nearly 11% of home energy use goes towards lighting needs alone. Traditional incandescent light bulbs are also surprisingly inefficient because some of the energy they use to create light is lost as heat, which is extra wasteful in...

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