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Monthly Archives: July 2015

  • How to Save Tigers - International Tiger Day and Climate Change

    Tigers are magnificent creatures. And we need to do everything we can to save them. Over the past century, 1/3 of existing tiger species went extinct and wild tiger populations decreased by almost 97%. Despite conservation efforts, humans continue to further this population decline by harming tigers and their habitats, and now climate change is only going to add to the problem. But there's good news too. Lot's of fantastic organizations are stepping in to protect habitats and lead conservation efforts. To help raise awareness for these issues, International Tigers Day was founded during the 2010 Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit...

  • 3 Sustainable Colleges Leading the Way in Sustainable Education

    How are we going to tackle climate change? To get started, we need a whole new generation of well-educated people who understand the ins and outs of sustainable living. And here’s some good news. Over the past few decades, more and more American colleges and universities are starting to walk the talk, integrating environmental stewardship into their dining halls, dorm buildings, student clubs, and most importantly - classrooms. This trend is significant because institutions of higher education are at the forefront of innovation and social change. Sustainable colleges who both teach and implement sustainability are powerful influencers. They play a...

  • Hope Spots for the Oceans - Why We Like Mission Blue

    According to the U.S. Travel Association, beaches are one of the top five destinations for leisure travel in the United States. For many of us, there is nothing as relaxing as spending a day with sand between our toes, surfing, fishing, birdwatching or just enjoying the sun and sounds of the ocean. But under the surface our oceans are under significant pressure: from algae blooms, to over fishing, to invasive species explosions, and now climate change, our oceans are being stressed. But there is hope! Thanks to an organization called, Mission Blue, we are now thinking on a massive scale...

  • Pope Francis and Climate Change - A Global Call to Action

    News regarding Pope Francis’s newly published encyclical, entitled “Laudato Si’,” or “Praise Be to You”, has recently dominated green media due to its intensive focus on global climate issues. In the paper, the Pope affirms scientific consensus in regards to climate change, citing human activities as the source, and urges the necessity of sweeping mitigation efforts. As Pope, Francis’s words carry a great deal of moral and religious authority, but his background as a chemist also gives his thoughts on environmental matters a degree of scientific accountability as well. Care for creation & the poor An integral element of Francis’s...

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