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5 New ClimateStore Products for Spring!

5 New ClimateStore Products for Spring!

Spring is finally here, and the ClimateStore team cannot wait to spend more time outside! We’re based in Massachusetts, and now that the snow is finally (FINALLY) gone, so we’re looking forward to gardening and relaxing in the sun – in a climate-friendly way, of course! Here are five of our newest products that can help kick off the spring on the right foot, without a negative environmental footprint:


1. Cow Pots

We are crazy about Cowpots. They are perfect for starting your home garden, and work just like peat starter pots, but are made from…yep, cow manure! Don’t worry, they don’t smell, so you can start your plants indoors if you need to. In addition to be created from waste, cow pots were produced using solar and biogas energy! The farm also practices excellent grasslands management through rotational grazing and grow all winter forage locally. Their milking facility is a custom greenhouse with natural light and air ventilation in order to keep their cows comfortable.


2. Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Every Yellow Leaf Hammock is handwoven from weather-durable, super soft polyester yarn by hill-tribe artisans in rural northern Thailand. The opportunity to weave hammocks and earn a good wage is transformative for weavers and their families. These weavers and their children previously worked as indentured field laborers, often on farms that employed slash-and-burn agriculture - a practice that is causing major deforestation in Thailand. The burning of forests not only emits greenhouse gasses, but more importantly destroys an ecosystem that supports biodiversity while sequestering planet warming carbon dioxide. Through job creation, Yellow Leaf empowers local weavers and communities to escape poverty and reduce their part in farming practices that contribute to climate change. Plus, these hammocks come in a bunch of fun colors, making them the perfect summer décor for any yard or porch.


3. Back to the Roots Mushroom Kit

Grow your own delicious mushrooms right at home with this kit. Within 2 weeks, even the most amateur gardener will have about 1.5 pounds of fresh oyster mushrooms ready to cook! The kit ultimately yields 3-4 batches over 3 months, so you can have fresh mushrooms for an entire season. This is a really fun way to get the whole family excited about gardening and growing food. Before you know it, you’ll be growing all sorts of fresh veggies!


4. Bamboo Grow Pot – Lavender

Another way to “grow your own” is with a Bamboo grow pot. One of our favorite new products is the Potting Shed Creations Bamboo Lavender Kit. It provides everything you need to grow USDA certified organic lavender right at home! Includes organic seeds, a stylish, eco-friendly, handmade bamboo pot, organic growing medium, and directions. This herb not only smells wonderful, it can be used for baking or in tea!


5. Push Reel Mower

Simplify your lawn care this summer. We love this light-weight manual push mower because it doesn’t need any gas or electricity. Because of its simple machinery, it is easy to use and requires very little (or no) maintenance. This affordable tool is the perfect "mow-and-go" tool for any small lawn. It's a great way to save time, money and energy!

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