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5 Short Climate Change Videos Under 5 Minutes

5 Short Climate Change Videos Under 5 Minutes

Looking for a few short climate change videos?

We were too.

So rather than searching endlessly around the internet, we asked the staff here at ClimateStore to round up some of their favorites. Here's what bubbled to the top.

Most of these will knock your socks off.

1) Bill Nye’s - Simply Stated - Climate Change Basics - That We Can All Understand

Bill Nye is passionate about preventing climate change – and of course -science. This video uses fun experiments, diagrams, and images to talk about the underlying scientific principles that are driving human caused climate change. We love it not just because it features Bill Nye (although this might be enough), but because he explains things in a simple approachable way we can all understand.

2) Bill McKibben Lays Out the Massive Truth About Our Carbon Budget

Who else but the author of possibly the most important book on climate change ever written (The End of Nature), to tell the massive truth that we have 'discovered' far more fossil fuels than we are allowed to burn. In this short clip Bill simply defines what are arguably 3 of the most important numbers relating to climate change today: 2C, 565, and 2795. In this piece, Bill gets to the heart of the climate change challenge with three indisputable numbers and a call for rapid action.

3) Veritasium’s Straight-up Debunking of 13 Misconceptions About Global Warming

Alright, you caught us. Our fourth video is 6 minutes not 5. But trust us the extra minute is well worth it. Derek Muller of Veritasium brilliantly discusses 13 misconceptions people often have about climate change, and that are used at times by doubters, and debunks them – one by one - using clear facts and explanations. Although more technical, you will enjoy the telling even if you’re not a science type.

4) John Oliver Brilliantly Reframes the Climate Change Debate - Forever

With an English perspective, John Oliver is the master of nailing the oddities of American culture and misrepresentation of issues by American media. With some help from Bill Nye, in this video he lays to waste the misrepresentation of the so called ‘scientific debate’ over climate change. We all know the debate is long over. It’s funny and clever at the same time. If we could roll back the clock 10 years, we’d post this one first. Enjoy.

5) Morgan Freeman’s Epic Awe-Inspiring Call to Action for the Planet

Who doesn’t love the passion and wisdom of Morgan Freeman? In this visually stunning video done with the United Nations we are pulled into the beauty of the natural world, the stunning scale of the environmental challenges we fact, but left - thankfully - with a call of hope, action and imagination. As you may know, we’re big believers in personal action and #climatehope.

Wondering what you can do about climate change? We’re passionate about helping people who want to get started - even if you never buy anything – really! We have lots of information about climate change, incredible organizations that are taking action, and steps you can take to help secure a better future and a cleaner world.

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And thanks for using the power of example to build a more sustainable world!

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