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Kids Heading Back to School? 9 Ideas For Sustainable School Supplies

Kids Heading Back to School?  9 Ideas For Sustainable School Supplies

Ready or not, the new school year is right around the corner!

Although it can be a bummer to see the passing of summer – who doesn’t enjoy time outside , vacations, playing hide-and-go-seek, and iced lemonade - the coming of the school year also signals a time of renewed energy, friendships and opportunity!

And that creates a great opportunity for sustainable living.

This is the time of year when kids and young adults alike need new gear – given the usual wear and tear on school supplies from the prior year.

The good news is there are lots of sustainable school supplies that make great alternatives to taking a trip to Walmart. We’ve found a number of eco companies who make cool/fun sustainably made products for school and college alike.

Here are our favorites – you can find more in our store by clicking here.

1.) Everyone needs a well designed lunch bag. We love the TerraCycle Tent Lunch Sack, which is a great alternative to brown paper bags. This bag is made using recycled materials and with its flexible design is easy to wash too!tent lunch sack

2.) Instead of using Ziploc bags for their lunchbox consider using our Preserve Food Storage Containers. These bright green containers are fantastic for all types of foods, seal tightly and are made from clean upcycled materials like Yogurt containers from Stonyfield Farms. Because the come in all shapes and sizes these containers are perfect for any snack or meal.preserve

3.) You can save money, time and space with our trendy Bubi Water Bottles which come in different colors and sizes. These soft, collapsible, and lightweight bottles are easy for your kids to roll up and store in their backpack or take out and fill up when they are thirsty. No need for juice boxes, bottled waters or the juice dispenser at school – the Bubi is a great solution.bubi

4.) Every student needs a pencil case for their seemingly endless list of back-to-school supplies. Made out of juice boxes, our upcycled Honest Kids Pencil Case is a great way to help your child be both organized and learn about sustainability. Reducing, reusing, and learning… sounds like the start to a great school year to us!honest-kids

5.) Many children often come home with endless worksheets and tests. To assure papers don’t get lost consider our Chep Board Eco-Binders and Tab Dividers. These binders are made from both 100% recycled paper and 90% recycled steel, while the tab dividers are made from 100% recycled materials! Maybe one day all those worksheets will turn into someone else’s binder too. We can only hope!chep-board-sticker

6.) Although every student needs a clipboard, many kids hate using them because they are often brown and boring. Kids love our exciting upcycled Circuit Clipboard because it is made from actual circuit boards that often have no other way of being recycled. Your child will not only love using this clipboard because of its esthetics but also because they know they are making our landfills even smaller. How cool!clipboard

7.) Whether your kids buy lunch at school every day or as treat, having them hold onto their lunch money can sometimes be hard. To help them keep track of their important (and often easily lost) items such as money or a house key, consider giving them the Zip Pouch. This upcycled bag is made from bicycle inner tubes! Now your kids might have less exciting stories about the days where they lost their lunch money… but trust us, from personal experience that is a good

8.) Whether your youth is just learning how to tell time or is already an expert, having them wear a watch is always a good idea. Our Owl Watch can help them practice every day! The cork strap makes the watch comfortable and durable while the owl pictured on the face is sure to be a

9.) No matter how old they are, the first day of school can at times be a little stressful. Seeing a smiling face can always help calm their nerves. Our EcoZoo Deluxe Monkey Backpack might be the smiling face they need. Not only this little monkey feature a smiling face but 94% of him is made out of recycled materials!eco-backpack


We hope this list helps with the back to school transition - in the era of climate change it's a truism that every bit helps.

So instead of spending your weekends back-to-school shopping, order any of these more sustainable school supplies today and enjoy the last precious days of summer having fun!

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