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How ClimateStore Evaluates Green Products

How ClimateStore Evaluates Green Products

There are many factors considered when evaluating a product’s impact on our environment.

To help sort things out, we developed icons to clarify how each of the products we sell mitigates climate change. We review products for carbon impact - or how much they will contribute to climate change - and award icons to explain how each produce fewer greenhouse gases (GHGs) than their alternatives.

We look at the whole lifecycle from production to disposal. We also award icons when products produce their own renewable energy, save money, or educate the user about climate change. Additionally, there is a special icon for staff favorites – in case any of you feel like buying something for us….just kidding!

Ideally, there would be an industry standard for product sustainability, but until then, rest assured knowing that we spend a lot of time researching and analyzing whether products can be awarded icons and which ones. It's not a perfect process, but it's critical to our mission and one we will continually improve over time. It also goes without saying, that if a product can't earn an icon, we won't carry it at ClimateStore. To understand our thinking for each product, look for the information on each product's detail page, and check out our overview of the seven icons:

Production: products with our production icon are made and distributed in a way that has a significantly lower carbon impact than its alternatives. Some examples of this are items made with greener, nontoxic, or less energy intensive chemicals.

Energy Efficiency: This icon is awarded to products that require substantially less energy to use or operate – such as LED light bulbs vs. incandescents. This icon is also given to devices that save energy indirectly, like a shower timer, a smart power strip, or weatherization materials.

Disposal: This icon goes to products that take less energy to throw out, dispose, and decompose. Municipal waste often heads to landfills or is incinerated, which contributes to carbon dioxide emissions. So if a product can be composted, recycled or reused, it is recognized by ClimateStore as a better option.

Green Saving: These products mitigate climate change while also saving you money! They have low payback periods, are affordable, or operate with significantly less costs to the user. These great products will save money every time you use them.

Renewable Energy: These products are self-powered or power other devices. They generate, store, or capture energy that would otherwise come from unrenewable sources. This is helps the consumer to generate and using renewable power, these products and those who use them are able to cut emissions and work towards mitigating climate change.

Learn: These products aim to help people become more aware of how their actions affect the planet. Items that earn this icon include books, games, and products with tracking technology.

Staff Favorites: Although we love all the products we carry, we save our staff picks for a special few! We use them at home or in the office and are our absolute favorites.

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