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  • What are Soap Nuts?

    Soap nuts are fruits from Sapindus trees, a genus in the lychee family that grows in South Asia. Soap nuts contain a substance called saponin which acts as a natural detergent. Soaps (and detergents) contain a phospholipid molecule where one end is attracted to water and the other to oil. This makes it possible for oil and water to mix, so the oil can be washed off. Which is why we use products with phospholipids to clean! And can't eat them :> One great way to use soap nuts is for laundry. Soap nuts are...

  • How ClimateStore Evaluates Green Products

    There are many factors considered when evaluating a product’s impact on our environment. To help sort things out, we developed icons to clarify how each of the products we sell mitigates climate change. We review products for carbon impact - or how much they will contribute to climate change - and award icons to explain how each produce fewer greenhouse gases (GHGs) than their alternatives. We look at the whole lifecycle from production to disposal. We also award icons when products produce their own renewable energy, save money, or educate the user about climate change. Additionally, there is...

  • Why Climate Change is THE Issue of Our Time

    When thousands of highly trained scientists raise concerns about climate change - we listen. Study after study has shown that the planet is warming at an unprecedented rate and that the primary cause is human use of fossil fuels. Since the discovery of the coal, oil, and natural gas we have been burning the stuff as fast as we can dig and pump it out of the ground. We're so used to the convenience of using fossil fuels for energy that we don't even notice it anymore. You can add 10 gallons of gasoline to your car...

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