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Save the Date: We’re Kicking off Our Indiegogo Campaign on May 18!

Save the Date: We’re Kicking off Our Indiegogo Campaign on May 18!

During our first year, the ClimateStore team worked to make it fun and easy for people to reduce their carbon footprints by providing lower-carbon products for the home. We’ve made a lot of progress and we now offer more than 300 awesome products on our website, but we’re really only at the tip of the iceberg. We’re ready to go BIG! So, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign on May 18 with the goal of expanding our catalog to include 1000 carefully selected, carbon-lowering products.

“While working to reduce the size of our family’s carbon footprint, aside from going solar, we discovered a shortage of ideas and information related to low carbon living - it just wasn’t easy to find suggestions and reviewed products from well vetted suppliers. We kept thinking there had to be a better resource ”  Says Steve Bushnell, Founder of ClimateStore “So, we came up with the idea of ClimateStore – an online store entirely dedicated to people interested in taking personal action to reduce their carbon footprint. A place where people could learn about climate change, build a personal plan, find great products –and trust that each had been vetted for its carbon lowering potential.”

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We’re super excited to expand our offerings and make it even easier to find everything you need at Soon, all carbon-friendly goods will be in one place! It’s a lofty goal, but climate change is an important issue, and deserves meaningful, realistic solutions for everyone. With your help, ClimateStore will be able to continue to grow, providing solutions and getting people excited about taking action against climate change!

To support the campaign, we’ll be using the #kickcarbon hashtag –a call to action emphasizing the collective need start ‘kicking the fossil fuel habit’ if we are to secure a habitable planet for ourselves, nature and future generations. Join the conversation on twitter, Instagram, and facebook!

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