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Supplier Spotlight: Organic Affinity

Supplier Spotlight: Organic Affinity

Last month we launched our series of supplier spotlights, during which we go behind the scenes of ClimateStore’s most innovative partner brands. Each of these brands helps people reduce their carbon footprints by manufacturing unique carbon-lowering products. This month, we sat down with Organic Affinity, a manufacturer of stylish sustainable earbuds.

Tell us a little about your story.

Organic Affinity was founded in 2012 as a creative expression of our passion for the Earth. We knew that the world needed to start manufacturing more environmentally-friendly products, so we stepped up to design some great sounding headphones that are eco-friendly and high quality, but not overly expensive.

How are these headphones better for the climate?

Organic Affinity earbuds are better for the environment because they have the lowest carbon footprint of any set on the market. First they’re made from bamboo which grows rapidly so is great for removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Also, as all earbuds eventually wear out from use, we made sure that ours were biodegradable, so rather than having them stay in a landfill for hundreds of years, 90% of each pair will break down, so our customers can feel good about having less of an impact on the planet.

The ear pieces are made from bamboo. Why is that a good material for headphones?

Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant on earth and thrives for commercial use without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It is the ideal material for making headphones because it provides an amazing natural acoustic quality similar to hardwoods, without the potential environmental drawbacks of harvesting wood from trees.

Most of the rest of the headphones are made from bioplastic material. What is bioplastic?

Bioplastics are polymers that are made up of byproducts from agricultural waste, specifically from corn and sugar beet production. They are specially formulated to naturally decompose in a landfill environment, up to 500 times faster than regular plastics.

What is next for Organic Affinity?

Organic Affinity is in the process of developing a line of eco-friendly cell phone accessories including cases, chargers, and cables. We are also designing a line of designer reusable shopping bags, look forward to making these available to customers.

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