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Supplier Spotlight: Preserve Products

Supplier Spotlight: Preserve Products

ClimateStore helps people reduce their carbon footprints at home by curating awesome energy efficient and carbon-lowering products from the most innovative brands and manufacturers. We are inspired everyday by like-minded partners that work with us on our mission to make sustainable living easy. One such brand is also our Boston-area neighbor, Preserve Products. ClimateStore offers Preserve food storage containers, plates, bowls, measuring cups and more. We sat down with Preserve to learn why there is more to these kitchen items than meets the eye.

Tell us a little about your story.

Preserve, a certified B Corporation, was founded in 1996 and is the leading manufacturer of performance driven and stylish 100% recycled household products. The company is powered by the recycling efforts of individuals and companies collecting #5 plastic—such as yogurt cups and other common household containers—via Preserve’s Gimme 5 program. The Gimme 5 program collects and transforms #5 plastics into new Preserve products. All recycling and manufacturing is done in the USA.

Why is it better to use recycled materials?

Recycled plastics offer a variety of benefits. They decrease waste sent to landfills, reduce use of non-renewable resources, like natural gas and oil, decrease energy use and decrease emissions of carbon dioxide. By using recycled plastic rather than virgin plastic, Preserve uses 46% less energy, 75% less oil, 54% less water and emits 64% fewer greenhouse gasses.

Because of all this, Preserve products are better for the Earth—and, because of the care we take in selecting and testing the materials we use, we ensure that Preserve products are free of BPA and are safe for use by your families and ours.

How Can People Increase Recycling Rates at Home?

As part of our mission as a company, Preserve strives to increase the day-to-day smart choices we all make that benefit the environment. One way we do that is by increasing the demand for recycled materials. Another way we do it is by providing opportunities and incentives to easily recycle our products when you’re finished with them. This is why we founded our Gimme 5 program.

In addition, you can check with your town’s curbside recycling program to make sure you have a complete list of products they accept for recycling and also what number plastics they accept. We also strongly recommend composting your food scraps. Composting reduces landfill waste and produces healthy soil that can be used in our gardens. Compost that ends up in landfills produces methane, a greenhouse gas that is 23 times worse than carbon dioxide.

What is number 5 plastic?

Plastics are coded with numbers 1-7, not to categorize which plastics are more or less benign or recyclable, but simply to differentiate them.

To date, we’ve used only one kind of plastic in Preserve products—recycled #5 polypropylene. We use this material because we have confidence in its performance, health and safety.

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Is plastic safe?

Plastics have radically transformed the kinds of products available for use in our daily lives, from cars to cell phones to cups to candy wrappers—but they’re also curious and sometimes confusing materials. From our first days as a company, we have used only recycled plastic to make our Preserve products. We use plastic because it is a widely available and useful material. And more importantly, by using only recycled plastics, we keep them from piling up in landfills, we save resources like energy and water, and we reduce carbon emissions and other impacts.

#5 polypropylene is a benign plastic and does not leach any chemicals. However all plastics are not created equal. Some plastics contain chemicals that can be harmful to humans if ingested. Some additives in plastics, such as BPA, are increasingly being shown to have interactions with the body’s hormone system (specifically, the endocrine system). As concerns over the health and safety of plastics have mounted, we have taken steps to scrutinize our choice to use recycled #5 polypropylene plastic in our products and have conducted tests to ensure the safety of this material.

While our plastics do not contain harmful additives, we follow the scientific research and debate closely, and hold the precautionary principle as our goal. For this reason, we don’t allow any possible endocrine disrupters into our plastics. Furthermore, we’ve refined our systems to source and produce all of our Preserve plastics from recycled products and packaging materials that have never had these chemicals introduced to them.

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