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Riga III Greenhouse Kit

Having a vegetable garden isn't just delicious and nutritious - it's also great for the planet. The Riga III is roomy, midsize greenhouse that any gardener will love. If you live in a climate with short growing season or tough weather conditions, a sturdy greenhouse like the RIGA is the best way to ensure that you can grow high quality, fresh product all year long.
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RIGA III Greenhouse - 102 sqft   +$3,499.00

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Important Notes

  1. In some communities, a permit may be required to build a greenhouse on your property. Be sure to obtain any need approvals from your local government or HOA before ordering.
  2. This greenhouses are quite bulky and will be delivered by a 3rd party shipping company that specializes in delivering furniture and other large packages to home. You may be contacted by these professionals to schedule a convenient delivery a time. 
  3. Due to their size, expedited shipping is not available for RIGA Greenhouses.

Key Features

Are you looking for a real greenhouse - not just a season extender - but something thick and sturdy enough to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers all the way though brutal winters and harsh winds? With a combination of strong materials and durable hardware, the Riga Greenhouse is by far the strongest greenhouse kit in the US. Clear walls, reflective shelving and an onion shaped roof ensure that that sunlight will always reach your plants, even after the heavy snowfall. This greenhouse has every feature you need, including: 

  • Enough insulation needed to grow plant year-round anywhere in the continental US. The glazed, double pane walls cost 40% less to heat than single pane walled greenhouses.
  • Light weight polycarbonate walls and glazing that softly diffuses light as it passes through.
  • More ventilation than similarly units. The automatic window vent opens at 80 degrees F and make the greenhouse much safer for heat loving plants in the summer. It also makes it more comfortable for gardeners, kids and pets!
  • Two optional layers of shelving. Tall plants (beans, tomatoes etc) don't need shelving but that are using to pack in more seedlings, greens and flowers. The shelves are suspended so larger plants and yard tools can be stored underneath.
  • All shelving is white, reflective polycarbonate. It is very sturdy and white color allows extra light to diffuse around the greenhouse.
  • An optional 6 inch tall base frame can be used on top of soil, grass, mulch or any other well draining materials
  • Once assembled, the Riga's grooved frames are permanently attached to each other and won't come loose from age or wind.
  • The onion shaped roof will not collapse under the weight of snow. In fact, Riga greenhouses routinely withstand large hail and winds over 80 mph.
  • Can be modified to create slots for an exhaust fan and heater.
  • 6" base frame attaches to the bottom of the greenhouse. Can be mounted on top of grass, mulch, soil, flagstone, wood, concrete or brick floor. Provides 6" of additional inside height.
  • Excellent for storing and ripening the season's harvest and for sheltering potted plants in the winter.
  • Comes with both instructional DVD, assembly diagrams and fantastic phone and email support from the experts at Exaco.

The RIGA Greenhouse is designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany by Hoklartherm, a leading manufacturer of commercial and hobby greenhouses with 28 years experience.



Walls: 10 mm twin wall polycarbonate in front & back walls. 8 mm UV coated twin side walls
Frame: Aluminum
Dimensions: 9'8" W x 10'6" L; 102 sqft
Foundation Frame:      6" high aluminum
Top Shelf: 10" wide x 10'4" long white polycarbonate
Bottom Shelf: 25" wide x 10'4" long white polycarbonate
Height: 7’2” walking height in the middle, 7'9" exterior height.
Insulation: Glazed walls with R and K-values of 3.0
Door: Heavy duty dutch barn door with keyed lock: 30" wide x 72" tall. 72” tall narrow unit /79” tall wide unit
Rear Window: Oversized 30" wide x 42" high window on wall opposite door
Roof Window:  40" w x 24" d with automatic window opener activated at 80 degrees Farenheit
Assembly time: With 2 people, 12 hours. With 3 people, 6-8 hours 
Warranty:  Polycarbonate: 10 years; Frame: 15 years
Customer Support:      Fantasic and unlimited phone and email support from the experts at Exaco


Optional Items:

  1. Base frame - 6” high: highly recommended. Attaches to the bottom of the greenhouse. Usually sits in the ground but can also be mounted on top of a wood, concrete or brick frame/wall to provide 5” of additional inside height.
  2. Top shelving: Shelving with polycarbonate inserts (for lighter items): 10” deep.
  3. Bottom shelving: Shelving with out braces, allows for larger equipment to be stored underneath, 25” deep



Founded in 1988, this family owned and operated business specializes in importing unique garden products, focusing on high-end, European-made greenhouses, composters, rainbarrels and other products designed to help make home gardens more functional, beautiful and sustainable. Exaco has a fantastic partnership that support VRC Industries, an Austin State School program that gives training and jobs to adults with mental disabilities. Since 1990, all their warehousing and fulfillment operations have been handled by this group.

Energy Efficiency

About 8% of your personal carbon footprint comes from the food you eat! Of that, 40% comes from harvesting, shipping, preparing and selling food. On top of that, the modern supply chain for food results is a lot of food waste, which also means using excess fuel and energy for food that won't even be eaten! If you use your garden to replace 20% of our store bought food, then you can reduce you carbon footprint by at least 68 lbs of CO2 per year.

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Additional Info

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