1.0 GPM 'SaverSprayer' Kitchen Sprayer

This little sprayer makes it easy to save water while cooking and washing dishes. It delivers a powerful spray to blast food residue off dishes and the control lever makes it easy to turn down the flow while you are scrubbing. The all-brass gadget restricts the water flow rate to 1.0 GPM while actually increasing the spray pressure. It is an especially good investment if you don't have a dish washer, because washing by hand uses twice as much as hot water and energy as a modern dishwashing machine.

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  • Increase Spray Pressure: Great rinsing force, and plenty of power to rinse off the most stubborn or sink build up like soap scum or toothpaste build up.
  • 1.0 GPM Flow Rate: Saves water, energy and money, while using less than half what normal aerators use while providing twice the rinsing force! 1.0 GPM Maximum Flow Rate at 60 psi (ANSI tested.)
  • Swivels for Complete Coverage: Makes cleaning kitchen or bathroom sink easy by directing the spray right where you want it - great for large pans!
  • Full Flow Control: Control lever change change the volume of water from 100% down to a trickle. Lever halfway up reduces splash, lowers flow rate to 1/2 GPM, lever all the way up cuts flow to a trickle to maximize savings between rinsing dishes.
  • Easy to Install: Chrome plated brass threads, 15/1 6ths-27 male and 55/64ths-27. Female thread will fit most kitchen or bathroom faucets.
  • Made in the USA: All brass swivel and lever control is machined, plated and assembled in the USA.


The SaverSprayer attaches directly to the end your kitchen faucet and replaces your existing aerator attachment.


Whedon Products is an American, family-run business that on makes more than 50% of their parts in the USA. After they were founded in 1975, their flagship product the SaverShower proved that you can save water while still having a clean and relaxing shower. Since then, they have expanded to a full line of water saving fixtures, including 1.9 GPM and 1.5 GPM heads. 

Energy Efficiency

The SaverSprayer is energy efficient because the control lever lets you thoroughly wash dishes while using 75% less hot water. Since about 3% home energy use goes heating water for the kitchen, this small change can make a big difference!

Green Savings

Using this aerator and pausing the flow for just half the time of a 10 minute dish washing routine can save you 17 gallons of hot water per day, or 6200 gallons per year! You can save about $158 a year!

Staff Pick

The SaverSprayer is a ClimateStore staff favorite. We use one on kitchen sink here in the office. We love that the spray doesn't soak our clothes because swivel head is so easy to direct. The sprayer uses about 75% less water than our previous aerator and makes washing dishes easier.

* Comparisons assume this product replaces a 2.2 GPM faucet aerator, that the control valve is used for half the washing session, and that how water costs $.03 per gallon.

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