About ClimateStore


We're a new start-up retailer - dedicated to helping people live better for a healthy planet.

We think the evidence for human caused climate change is overwhelming and it's time to take action.

We trust the scientific experts who have painstakingly assessed the evidence and shown an indisputable link between our use of fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions, and the risk of irreversible climate change.

We also believe individuals can make a difference! The problem seems large, but if we start taking small steps to reduce our carbon footprint, collectively we can contribute to the reductions the experts say are required to mitigate climate change.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make it easy for people to reduce their carbon footprint .

We seek to do this by....

Helping people learn about climate change

Promoting new ideas for sustainable living

Finding great products that reduce fossil fuel use

Sharing success stories as we work together to achieve needed greenhouse gas reductions

Our Store

We built our store to pull together all the things you need to begin low carbon ideas.

We're a work in progress so love new ideas..

If you have an idea about how to reduce your carbon footprint, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line at ideas@climatestore.com.

Our Story

ClimateStore was founded in 2013 by Dr. Steven Bushnell

A scientist by training, Steve switched careers to start ClimateStore after reading the consensus reports and learning about the urgent need to reduce our collective emissions from fossil fuels.

The son of an artist, husband, father of three and an avid hiker, he was struck by the lack of a 'one-stop-shop' for people interested in taking personal action.

The company was started in his attic, is powered by renewable solar and excited about providing high quality resources, products and science based information. As a trained Climate Reality Project leader (class of '13), and advocate for Citizens Climate Lobby, Steve actively supports COP21 goals, broad fact-based climate education, and carbon fee and dividend programs.

The Boston area start-up is actively adding low carbon products, DIY guides, resources and forming early partnerships.

Our Founding Team

Soft Launch on Earth Day 2014

Creation of Our Icon System

Our first 1000 followers on Twitter

We Join 1% For the Planet!

We're selected for Conscious Commerce Collection - Times Square

EarthWeek Partnership with Solar Electric Light Fund

EarthDay 2015 - We turn 1!

Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

#kickcarbon Crowdfunding Campaign

We Launch our Blog

Celebration of Climate Heros

We Join Carbon Fund

Our interns step up our marketing game

We celebrate Earth Hour

350+ products and 20+ brands

We partner with PIPs rewards

EarthDay 2016 - We Turn 2

Our Promise

Our promise to you is to:

  • Provide high quality products that will make an impact, be educational, or promote the idea of low carbon living
  • Provide information on our product's carbon footprint throughout its life cycle
  • Communicate new ideas about sustainable living that will be impactful in the months and years to come
  • Run our store in a sustainable, low carbon, manner. (For example, this website runs on wind power!)

We look forward to supporting you! Let's get started!