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Our logo began with this beautiful photograph of a mother polar bear and her two cubs that was taken on the southern shores of the Beaufort Sea by Hugh Rose of Hugh Rose Photography.

The photo was taken in late September, before the onset of late fall/early winter when the sea surface starts to freeze. This is a time of the years when polar bears are most hungry due to the lack of pack ice for hunting seals, their main source of food. The scene was captured near the village of Kaktovik on a small barrier Island next to Barter Island in Alaska, about 70 miles west of the Canadian border. The bears came to feed on the remains of a bowhead whale that was harvested by the Inupiat people.

beaufort sea polar bear family

The arctic is ground zero for climate change. Polar bears are forced onto land earlier in the summer as the sea ice breaks up earlier every year due to climate change. Coastal erosion from larger areas of open water in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas (due to shrinking sea ice) is spawning bigger waves that erode the coastline. They are highly visible indicators of coastal impact.

This northerly photo started a design process in Boston led by Wendy Wirsig of W2Design who together with our illustrator Andrew Hopgood, in Melbourne Australia, created a symbol which is, for us, a call to action. It was a sequence of events that stretched almost pole to pole.

Scientists say the single most important thing we can do to save the polar bear is to reduce our carbon footprint...we couldn't agree more. Let's Get Started

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