ClimateStore's Sustainability Initiatives

At ClimateStore, we're convinced by the scientific evidence that the climate is changing due to human use of fossil fuels. We're also convinced there's still time to reduce the impacts if we all take action. And consistent with our mission, we're taking steps to do our part.

Carbon Neutral Operations

All shipments from ClimateStore are carbon neutral! ClimateStore purchases verified carbon offsets cover its entire operational carbon footprint, including energy use at offices, product storage and distribution, freight and parcel shipping, employee commutes, and business travel. Even delivery to our customers is covered by carbon offsets.

We offset our operational carbon footprint through as a Carbonfree® Partner. Our offsets sponsor a portfolio of Reforestation & Avoided Deforestation Projects that include the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley Reforestation Initiative and REDD+ Forestry Projects in Acre, Brazil. These projects are verified to accurately and reliably sequester carbon by at least one major certification process.

Sustainability Partnerships

ClimateStore seeks to grow its impact on climate change by actively engaging in partnerships with other like-minded organizations. These partnerships not only support projects that mitigate climate change, they also help build meaningful connections with leading environmental groups.

We proudly support environmental non-profits as a 1% for the Planet Partner. Through our membership, we donate 1% of our revenues to support non-profits with missions to mitigate climate change.

We also support local environmental events and benefits, one recent example is the The Squeaky Leak Project, which seeks sponsor a project to map natural gas leaks, which have a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

We're proud to be members of the climate action business association (CABA). Based in Boston, they're working to solve the climate crisis by organizing businesses to be advocates for climate action at all levels. Working with CABA, we support climate focused legislative efforts in our region and collaborate with like-minded businesses to reduce our carbon footprint.

Additional Emissions Lowering Steps

Mass Transit Benefits for Employees

As part of our efforts to promote sustainable living, our office is accessible by Boston's public transportation system and employees are offered a subsidized mass transit as a company-wide benefit.

Office Recycling

We recycle everything we can at ClimateStore! Currently, our office recycles more than half of our office waste.

Low Carbon Packaging

ClimateStore's warehouse works to reduce the amount of cushioning materials used in shipments. When protective material is required to ensure that an order arrives undamaged, we use only 100% recycled paper fill to ensure that products are property secured. Also, our cardboard shipping boxes are made from a minimum of 35% recycled content and repaired and reused when possible.