Scrubba Wash Bag

ClimateStore is proud to be the first retailer of the water efficient and ultra light weight Scrubba in the USA!

This Australian made take on the old fashioned washboard enables you to achieve a machine quality wash in just minutes. It's perfect for vacation, travel, backpacking or even sports gear! Plus, the Scrubba weighs less than 5 oz and folds to pocket-size, so it is small enough to take anywhere.

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Key Features

The Scrubba Wash Bag is the best way to do laundry on vacation, when camping, in dorm rooms, or even in small apartments. Whether you want to pack light, avoid steep hotel laundry bills, skip the laundromat, use less water, or simply have the freedom to wash clothes wherever you want, you can wash your laundry in less than 10 minutes with the Scrubba!

The Scrubba weighs less than 180g (~6 ounces), folds to pocket-size and is easy to use. You can do a small batch in a few simple steps:

  1. Fill: Add water, cleaning liquid and clothes to bag (20-40% volume).
  2. Roll & Clip: Roll down top at least 4-5 times and clip ends.
  3. Deflate: Open and squeeze valve to expel air from the Scrubba.
  4. Rub: Press down and rub clothes against the Scrubba’s internal flexible washboard for 30 seconds for a quick traveler wash or for 3 minutes for a machine-quality wash.
  5. Rinse: Unclip and unroll the Scrubba’s seal. Remove dirty water from the Scrubba. Rinse clothes with fresh water in the Scrubba™ wash bag or under a running tap or shower.
  6. Dry: On your favorite clothesline or drying rack. (And if you are camping, you can just use the nearest tree.)


Weights 6 oz.

Calibr8 Pty Ltd.

The idea for the Scrubba wash bag was conceived in 2010 when the inventor took a 4 month trip to Africa to climb Mt Kilimanjaro: "During the planning stages for the trip, we realized that with all our cold weather and camping gear, we would only be able to pack a few changes of casual clothes.  This led to the issue of how we were going to wash our clothes every couple of days.  After mulling over this issue for a few weeks, I was led to the idea of washboards - they have been around for centuries and they work very efficiently.  The downside is that they are bulky and still require a sink or bucket.  It was then that I had the revelation that if we could incorporate a highly flexible washboard into a waterproof sealable bag, we could change the way people wash clothes while traveling". 

The brand is also mindful of environmental health conditions for people around the globe. In particular they are concerned about water accessibility. To address this issue, Scrubba has gotten involved with a number of charities including Charity:Water, the Rift Valley Reservoir Project, and Typhoon Haiyan Relief.

Energy Efficiency

The Scrubba washes clothing without using any electricity, and requires only 2 gallons of water, compared to the 15 - 23 gallons used by a standard washing machine.

Money Saver

By using this product, you can reduce your electricity bills, water bills, and reduce wear and tear on your clothes.

Staff Pick

The scrubba is so fun and unique. The ClimateStore loves using this product at home and while travelling or camping. 

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