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ClimateStore has partnered with Rydon to bring the Pixio to the USA and is currently the only distributor in the US! Biking should be easy and so should biking gear. The Pixio is a theft proof, no-fuss bike light that is always fully charged. The hidden, integrated solar panel absorbs energy while you ride and doesn't need to be charged separately. Designed in the Netherlands, the Pixio brings some of the ease and sophistication of Dutch biking to your ride.

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Key Features

The Rydon Pixio is permanently mounted on your bicycle with a simple theft proof sleeve. Next, simply push the button once and the light turns on, to turn it off just press the button again.

Always Charged:

Fully charged the Pixio will shine for 60 hours, but to make sure it always works it is integrated a high-efficiency solar panel. Every beam of light that falls on the solar panel is used to charge the batteries. The special high retention batteries of the Pixio hold their energy for long periods of time. As a result the Pixio charges its batteries in the summer and uses the stored energy in the winter. With only 5 days of sunlight the batteries are fully charged again and ready for another 60 hours. In the rare case the power runs low, just place the Rydon Pixio in direct sunlight and it will automatically recharge.


The Rydon Pixio is available in two versions: a white front light and a red rear light. No tools are required for mounting. Choose an appropriate frame tube with a diameter between 10 and 25.4 mm, using the included adapter for tube diameters smaller than 16 mm.  The hook on the included tool allows you to mount your Rydon Pixio tightly on your bicycle. The same tool can be used to release the locking mechanism.


The Pixio has a regulated light output resulting in constant brightness. The light output is moderate and non-blinding for oncoming traffic, as the main goal of the Pixio is to be seen at night. On top is a small window to let you know whether the light is on or off.


You can view the manual here.


Can I store my bicycle in my garage?

Yes you can, riding your bicycle in the summer will give you enough sunlight to recharge the batteries.

Do I need to remove the Rydon Pixio if I park my bicycle?

No, it’s not recommended. Leave the Rydon Pixio mounted on your bicycle, this way you can never forget it and the Pixio can use the sunlight to recharge the batteries. The strap can only be removed with the special included tool.

What if I forget to turn the light off?

This can accidentally happen of course. That is why we used high capacity batteries that can hold up to 75 hours of light. If it happens for a longer period of time, or multiple times, just place your bicycle in the sunlight so your light can recharge. 

Is the Rydon Pixio waterproof?

The Rydon Pixio is fully sealed and covered with a rubber sleeve. It is not suited for diving, but you can leave it on your bicycle 24/7.


Rydon believes that your bicycle light should always be there just like your handlebars or saddle. It is always mounted on your bicycle and it always works, you don’t have to think about it. With this concept in mind, Rydon developed the Pixio, a bicycle light that simply always works. ClimateStore has partnered with Rydon to bring the Pixio to the USA and is currently the only distributor in the states.

Energy Efficiency

With its slick design and no fuss maintenance, the Pixio makes it easier to incorporate bike riding into your regular schedule. This is even more important than charging from solar power, as personal transport accounts for up to 25% of national wide carbon emissions! We hope that useful accessories like the Pixio can lower barriers to biking and encourage more people to take up fun, easy, and safe bike commutes.

Renewable Energy

This bike light runs on energy collected from the sun, and has a virtually zero carbon footprint compared to using batteries. If you use the Pixio for an hour every day of the year, you will save about 150 AA batteries!

Money Saver

If you use the Pixio for an hour every day of the year, you will save about 30 AA batteries. That means spending about $20 less on batteries per year for every safety light on your bike.

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The Pixio was created as a crowd funded response to biker who wanted consistent, reliable safety lighting for their commutes. The design combines high-tech engineering with the Dutch sensibilities for biking. ClimateStore has partnered with Rydon to bring the Pixio to the USA and is currently the only distributor in the states. 

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