Changers Solar Starter Kit

Free yourself from the grid! This great kit can charge your smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices at as fast as a wall outlet. The 'Maroshi' flexible solar panel and the smart 'Kalhuofummi' power pack make the perfect charger to take anywhere. You can charge any USB powered device and track your carbon savings with the power pack's web-enabled features.

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Changers Solar Starter Kit
Changers Solar Starter Kit

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    Key Features

    Why our kit is unique:

    • The intelligent battery measures your energy produced (Wh) and CO2 savings (g) 
    • Mobile power for smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, GPS devices. portable game consoles and more 
    • High quality 3.7 V, 4400mAh Li-ion battery
    • Smart charging features (Active MPP-Tracking) in the battery leads to 25% more energy output 
    • Charge your devices nearly as fast as from an outlet 
    • The 4 Watt (peak) solar panel fully charges the battery in 4-5 hours 
    • The panel weighs less than 100 grams and is flexible and only 2 mm thin 

    When you use the 'Kalhuohfummi' power pack with you solar panel, it records your energy balance and CO2 savings. You can then upload your information to the online community, and there you can view your energy statistics and the Changers CO2 Credits you have earned. Your Changers Credits can be redeemed for sustainable goods and services on the Changers Marketplace, Recoin, the first ever trading platform for private CO2 savings.

    Included in the Kit

    • Changers Solar Power Pack 'Kalhuohfummi'
    • Changers Solar Panel 'Maroshi'
    • USB type A to micro USB cable 
    • USB type A to DC Jack cable + 8 adapters 
    • 2 suction cups 
    • Changers Quick-Start Guide 


    Technical Details of the Maroshi solar panel:

    • Height: 37.0 | Width 19.1 | Thickness 0.2 (cm) 
    • Height: 14.6 | Width 7.52 | Thickness 0.078 (inches) 
    • Weight: 105 grams (3.70 oz) 
    • Rated power (Pmax): 4 Watt 
    • Voltage at Pmax (Vmp): 16.5 Volt 
    • Current at Pmax (lmp): 0.24 Ampere 
    • Open circuit voltage (Uoc): 23.25 Volt 
    • Short-circuit voltage (Isc): 0.29 Ampere 
    • Solar cable: 2m, DC-jack 2 pole 5.5 x 2.1 mm 

    Technical Details of the Kalhuohfummi smart battery:

    • Height: 9.6 | Width 8.25 | Depth 2.0 (cm) 
    • Height: 3.78 | Width 3.25 | Depth 0.78 (inches) 
    • Weight: 161 grams (5.67 oz) 
    • Power input DC-IN: 5V - 30V, max. 1A 
    • Active MPP-tracking 
    • Energy storage 4400mAh 
    • Lithium-Ion cells 
    • Power output DC OUT: 5V, max 1.2A

    Includes USB adapters for:

    • Micro USB
    • Mini USB 
    • LG phone
    • 2mm jack (Nokia devices)
    • Sony Ericsson 
    • Samsung D800 
    • Sony PSP 
    • Nintendo DS/GB 
    • Nintendo DS lite 

    Note: Apple products must be charged with their original USB power cables


    Changers believes that a smart idea and a lot of dedication can actually accomplish something against climate change. Their handy solar charger enables people to produce their own CO2-free energy. They also run Recoin, a program that rewards users of their charging and travel apps with points for their carbon reductions.

    Renewable Energy

    The Changers panel collects clean, renewable energy with a medium-sized, 4 Watt solar panel. By using the sun’s energy, you are decreasing your reliance on coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels.

    Staff Favorite

    We love that the Changers Power Pack automatically logs how much energy you save with your solar panel! It really makes us think about how much energy we use, plus it is a great way to start using Recoin, a program that rewards you for saving energy.

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