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  • This is a Walk in the Park...No Kidding Whoever said this wasn't easy; well they were completely wrong. We don't need to step back to the Stone Age to secure our future. Sure, we need to start thinking differently about energy use, but small steps can have a significant impact! There are many easy ways to reduce energy use and your resulting carbon footprint: Replace those old incandescent light bulbs with long lasting LED li...
  • At the ClimateStore, we're convinced by the scientific evidence that the climate is changing due to human use of fossil fuels. We're also convinced there's still time to reduce the impacts if we all take action . Our Mission Our mission is to make it easy for people to reduce their carbon footprint. We seek to do this by: helping people learn about climate change promoting new ideas for sustainable living f...
  • Welcome! We're a new start-up retailer - dedicated to helping people live better for a healthy planet. We think the evidence for human caused climate change is overwhelming and it's time to take action. We trust the scientific experts who have painstakingly assessed the evidence and shown an indisputable link between our use of fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions, and the risk of irreversible climate change. ...
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