Programmable Baseboard Thermostat

Electric heat is not only expensive, it also uses about 3x more energy than natural gas heating! This thermostat for electric heaters makes it easy to use heat when, and only when, your need it. Once programmed, this thermostat remembers your weekday and weekend routines, so you can drop the temperature while you are out of the house or in bed. It can even avoid those uncomfortable transition periods of waiting for the house to warm up in the morning and evening. It also has a manual override feature for temporary adjustments.
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Key Features

  • Preprogrammed – Up to 4 Programs per Day
  • Battery Powered (2 AA Batteries Included)
  • Separate Weekday and Weekend Programming
  • Large Liquid Crystal Display
  • System Cycle Adjustment
  • Temporary and Constant Temperature Override
  • Temperature Hold
  • Easily Reprogrammable with LUX Speed DialTM
  • ENERGY STAR® Compliant


Compatible with Heating Only 120/240 Vac Single Pole Application Baseboard, Ceiling Cable and Other Radiant Heat. This programmable thermostat is compatible with either Single Pole or Double Pole, 125/250 VAC, line voltage heating systems up to 16 Amps. The heating wattage rating is 1900 Watts (Non-Inductive) for 125 VAC, and 3800 Watts (Non-Inductive) for 250 VAC. This thermostat cannot be used with: cooling systems, conventional 24 Volt systems, hydronic hot water systems, or heat pump systems. Disconnection Type: “TYPE 1B".

AM Conservation Group

This LuxPro Baseboard Thermostat was supplied by AM Conservation. AM Conservation has made high quality products for some of the largest and most comprehensive conservation programs in US history.

Energy Efficiency

Depending on your local climate, 30-50% of your home energy use goes to heating and cooling your house. If you use this thermostat to dial back the temperature while you aren't home (about 5-10 degrees for 8 hours a day), you can save 5-30% energy every year! While the environmental benefits may very on your local climate control needs, this product definitely makes it easy to save energy.

Green Savings

We expect that this thermostat will 5-15% less energy every year, depending on your local climate and comfort needs. It easily pays for itself in less than a year!

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