King-Size Hammock Big Sur

Inspired by the natural allure of the California coast, the King-Size Big Sur Hammock is the best way for the whole family to relax. This hammock's natural khaki color will look amazing in any yard, porch, or campsite! King size means this hammock holds up to 550 lbs. Each hammock directly empowers weavers in Thailand and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by providing alternatives to slash-and-burn agriculture practices.
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Key Features

  • Includes: A "Hammocking 101" Guide for Easy Hanging + A Signature "Hammock Tote"
  • Production: Handwoven in 9-10 days using 4.3 miles of supersoft yarn


  • Colors: Navy Blue + Bright White
  • Capacity: 550 lbs
  • Hammock Bed Length: 84 in / 7 ft
  • Hammock Bed Width: 108 in / 9 ft
  • Optimal Hanging Width: 132 in / 11 ft
  • Optimal Hanging Height: 60 in / 5 ft
  • Optimal Distance from Ground: 24 in / 2 ft
The closer you hang the eyes together, the higher your hammock will need to be from the ground. For example, you will not be able to hang a hammock at a width of 12 ft and height of 6 ft. Your measurements will likely fall somewhere within each range.
Each hammocks comes with a complete Hammocking 101 guide with detailed hanging instructions.

Yellow Leaf

This company is passionate about empowering the people of Thailand by providing sustainable jobs as an alternative to slash and burn agriculture ? a common practice in the northern part of the country. Yellow Leaf?s products are handmade by artisans from the hill-tribe communities of rural Thailand. The opportunity to earn a good wage is transformative for weavers and their families.

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Every Yellow Leaf Hammock is handwoven by hill-tribe artisans in rural northern Thailand. The opportunity to weave hammocks and earn a good wage is transformative for weavers and their families. These weavers and their children previously worked as indentured field laborers, often on farms that employed slash-and-burn agriculture - a practice that is causing major deforestation in Thailand. Burning trees emits fossil fuels, but also prevents old growth forests absorbing any more carbon dioxide. Through job creation, Yellow Leaf empowers weavers and communities to escape poverty and join the middle class and reduce their part in farming practices that contribute to climate change.

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While many hammocks only last a season or two, a Yellow Leaf Hammock stays bright and fresh for years. It never fades, repels mildew + mold, and won't fall apart. A high-quality hammock isn't just better for your wallet, it's more sustainable and better for the earth.

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