DIY Oyster Mushroom Kit

Grow your own delicious mushrooms right at home with this mini kitchen kit. Within 2 weeks, even the most amateur gardener will have about 1.5 pounds of fresh oyster mushrooms ready to cook! The kit ultimately yields 3-4 batches over 3 months, so you can have fresh mushrooms for an entire season!
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Key Features

This easy-to-use kit grows about 1.5 lbs of organic mushrooms in about 10 days. It makes a great gift for adults and kids alike, and is a fun way to start growing our own food. These mushrooms are flavorful and UDSA organic. Plus, all the packaging is recyclable


  • Box can be stored for months, unopened
  • Includes plant-based organic soil
  • Mist daily with included water bottle
  • Typically grows 2-4 crops (but has been known to grow as many as 10)
  • Harvested mushrooms can be stored for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator

Back to the Roots

Frat houses aren't often what comes to mind when it comes to cutting edge sustainability products, but that is exactly where Back to the Roots got its start. Co-founders Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez took a college class project and turned it into a brand of awesome and popular home garden kits, including this Mushroom Kit. Their mission is to make food personal again through passionate development of tools that educate and inspire, one family at a time.

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Since 2010, Back to the Roots has collected 3.5 million pounds of coffee grounds, saw dust, and other organic waste and it upcycled into USDA certified organic soil for the Mushroom Kits. Additionally, the product packaging is made with some recycled content.

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For the average American, about 8% of personal carbon footprint comes from food! Of that, about 30% is from transporting the food and 10% is from commercial activities like processing and refrigeration. By growing as much food as you can in your back yard, you are cutting down these percentages. Ambitious gardeners that use their garden to replace 20% of bought food can reduce their carbon footprint by about 68 lbs of CO2 per year. Growing mushrooms at home is a fun and easy first step!

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Almost the entire mushroom kit can be responsibly disposed of at end-of-life. The cardboard box can be recycled with your regular paper, the soil can be composted or added to your home garden, and the inner bag can be recycled with plastics.

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Not only are oyster mushrooms expensive at the grocery store, they also have a much shorter shelf life than the ones you grow at home. We estimate that by using your mushroom kit to harvest at least two crops, or roughly 3 lbs, you will end up saving about $20 and waste less food.

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