In this week’s newsletter: the EPA proposes historic cuts to CO2 emission from U.S. power plants, new science shows that species are going extinct at high rates, summer flounder habitat shifts north in a warming Atlantic, and coffee production is under growing pressure.

We also discuss our growing sustainability initiatives and suggestions on how you can reduce your footprint at home.


Earlier this week, The EPA announced a historical proposal requiring a 30% reduction in coal based emissions by 2030. States to take the lead.

Significant new study shows species extinction happening 1,000 times faster due to human activities.

Unexpected impacts: summer flounder habitat shift causing east coast fishing tensions.

Enjoy your morning Cup-A-Joe? Climate change is adding stress to the global coffee crop.


We're walking the talk: the ClimateStore's sustainability initiatives.

LED lighting is a fantastic way to easily reduce your carbon footprint, and you will love the dimmable light.

Wondering how much CO2 you or your family is generating? In less than 10 minutes you can find out. The EPA's carbon calculator is one of the best.

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ClimateStore offers great products to help you reduce your carbon footprint!

The Touchlight provides a bright and wide-angle LED light that makes it perfect for lighting small spaces.

as low as $15
We offer a great line of home energy saving technologies from thermostats to power strips.

Made from upcycled bicycle inner tire tubes and recycled PETE fabrics, this wallet stretches to fit all your needs.

A lightweight way to add solar power and extra battery life to any bag or even your bike.

When expanded, this drying rack provides 18 linear feet of drying space.

This easy-to-read meter will accurately measure water usage to your lawn and garden.

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