In this week's newsletter: June joins May in record heat, NHL outlines its plan to fight climate change, the White House announces their climate change initiatives, and British Columbia takes climate action to the next level.

Also: Rain barrels and office tips to keep you green at home and at work. Climate change explained for kids!

Discover more climate-friendly products, including food storage containers made from 100% recycled, BPA-free #5 plastic!



Hot streak! Double scorcher! Warmest May on record is followed by warmest June.

Goal! NHL becomes the first professional sports league to develop plan to reduce its greenhouse gasses.

White House announces climate change initiatives including a $236.3 million project to improve energy infrastructure in rural areas.

With carbon taxes, British Columbia successfully reaches climate action goals and is now ready for bigger challenges.



See how using a rain barrel keeps your garden green and reduces your carbon footprint.

Check out these quick tips on greening your workplace.

Give your kids the climate change "talk." We have it explained here on this kid-friendly page!

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