Newsletter 20140807


In this week's newsletter: 10 states leading in solar energy growth, Latin America's first solar thermal power plant, and toxic aglae bloom in Ohio linked to by climate change.

Also: What it means to make a difference, how to banish "Vampire Power," and carbon footprint icons that show how our products are climate friendly.

Discover more climate friendly products, including a plug that kills TV standby power!



Nostalgae: Clean water at risk. Algae blooms behind Ohio water scare could be the new normal.

Top 10 states leading in renewable energy account for 87% of growth in US solar capacity.

Red hot Chile peppers! Chile builds Latin America's first solar thermal power plant.

France approves long-awaited landmark climate bill.



Find out what making a difference means and how you can do it!

How to banish "vampire power."

We use "carbon footprint icons" across all our products to keep you informed about the different ways your purchase lowers your carbon impact.

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