Newsletter 20140814


In this week's newsletter: Kellogg's takes on its worldwide supply chain to cut emissions, what climate change means for your coffee, and Robin Williams cracks a joke on global warming!

Also: Fun charts and diagrams to explain climate change. And easy tips to cut down on hot water!

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Global food giant Kellogg's to set strict targets to cut carbon emissions from its worldwide supply chain.

Wake up call! Climate change is changing the taste of coffee. Watch video.

Detroit treads water in all-time second wettest day on record; "unprecedented" flooding event fits global warming patterns.

Great Barrier Greef. Despite conservation efforts, outlook for Australia's Great Barrier Reef is poor.

Bonus: Robin Williams cracks joke - "It's not global warming, it's cooking!"



Fight procrastination this back-to-school season! These charts and diagrams should motivate you to get the ball rolling on sustainable living!

Climate Change 101 - Visit our Cubs Corner to show your kids simple videos and explanations about climate change!

Nearly 12% of home energy use goes towards heating water. Discover how fun and easy it can be to cut down on hot water!

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