Our Weekly Newsletter - 4 September 2014


In this week’s newsletter: The Washington Post makes the case for action on climate change, deep drilling under Paris leads to green geothermal, Tesla expands in China and trouble for species as waters warm.

Also: Where our CO2 emissions go and how to set an example of green living. And, even though classes have started, there is still time to get major discounts with our back to school sale!

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Many reasons for to take the lead on climate change: the Washington Post's take.

Big rigs come to Paris to drill for – not oil – carbon free geothermal.

Tesla goes big in China. Now that’s a lot of charging stations!

Large dead zones hit the Chesapeake, again.

Newfoundland’s gannets in big trouble as waters warm in the Atlantic.



Humans emit 9.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year. Where does it go?

Use the Power of Example to take action against climate change.

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