Our Weekly Newsletter - 23 October 2014


In this week's newsletter: Barrow Alaska feels the (dramatic) warming effects of diminishing summer sea ice, a new Greenpeace report argues wind energy could be a much larger source of clean energy - in the near term – than first thought, plants might be taking up a tad more carbon than we thought, and the 10 greenest countries in the world.

Also: we love our newest supplier’s Solar Justice Program and have ideas for tracking your energy use at home – which could reduce your carbon footprint.



Sea Ice Loss Blamed on Large Spike in Fall Temperatures in Northern Alaska

Speed Really Matters: Wind Energy Could Generate Nearly 20% of World’s Electricity by 2030

Will Plants Help Us Fight Climate Change More Than First Thought?

Top 10 Greenest Countries in the World – The Green Economy Index Is In!



ClimateStore’s newest supplier, MPowerd, works to eradicate energy poverty through a "Solar Justice Initiative".

Have questions about climate change and how it will effect your environment? Find the answers here.

Curious how much energy you actually use at home? These handy gadgets will sum things upgive you the real numbers.

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ClimateStore offers great products to help you reduce your carbon footprint!

Indoors or out, Luci Aura turns on the charm with playful solar-powered style. The inflatable and waterproof Luci Aura runs the gamut of moods from romantic magenta to high-energy aqua.

Now you can monitor your power consumption remotely. Plug in the wireless sensor and it will transmit data to where you can see your cumulative electrical expenses.

The Luci Lux brightens up your home or patio with an ambiance of luxury and high style. This inflatable solar lantern has a sleek, frosted design and creates a warm, candle-like glow.

Use the Laguna for newspapers, magazines, hats, gloves, geraniums, tools, mail, or just about anything you can imagine.

This caddy makes composting easier by storing your your food scraps discretely in the kitchen. With a caddy, you will make fewer trips out to your compost bin.

These power strips provide premium quality, fireproof surge protection for your computers, TVs, and other peripheral appliances. Eliminates standby power consumed by appliances.