Our Weekly Newsletter - 6 November 2014


In this week's newsletter: the UN sponsored International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) releases its long awaited 5th report on the state of the climate, which involved 800+ scientific experts who reviewed ~30,000 scientific papers. The evidence is now definitive that global warming is human caused, but there is good news – there is still time to act! Also, Denmark announces an end to coal within ten years, and what’s been happening to renewable energy technologies in the last 5 years that make them a promising solution going forward.

Also: On our new blog, ClimateActions, we provide an update on how we use our icon system to support product selection for our store, and share ideas for a more sustainable kitchen.



UN's 5th Climate Report Rings Alarm, Offers Guidance

The 10 Critical Things You Need to Know From the New IPCC Report

Denmark Announces Plan to Wean Itself Off Coal Within 10 Years

10 Reasons Renewable Energy Can Save the Planet



How ClimateStore Evaluates Green Products

5 Countries Leading the Way in Renewable Energy

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We have everything you need for a sustainable kitchen


ClimateStore offers great products to help you reduce your carbon footprint!

Luci is an easy-to-use, high-quality micro solar lantern and task light. The Luci is light-weight, maintenance-free and waterproof. Perfect for camping, outdoor decor, and great for emergency lighting when the power goes out.

The Laundry POD is a great, electricity free way to wash small loads of laundry. It small, portable, and doesn't require a special hookup, making it the perfect solution for dorms and apartments.

These LED Bulbs are dimmable and will last for about 23 years. They produces the same white light as a 40W incandescent bulb. It lasts 16 times longer than incandescent bulbs and uses 80% less power.

The Venice is versatile and functional as well as beautiful. If you've got the spot, the Venice is the pot!

Electric heat is not only expensive, but it also uses about 3x more energy than natural gas heating! This thermostat for electric heaters makes it easy to use heat when you need it.

Niagara's Sava Spa Showerhead offers performance with the look of luxury while also saving on your energy and water bills. It ensures a consistent flow, regardless of water pressure, and delivers an exceptional shower experience while conserving water.