Our Weekly Newsletter - 13 November 2014


In this week's newsletter: A Positive Surprise! Historic US - China agreement sets the most ambitious emission targets ever for the world’s largest polluters. To meet clean energy targets, China agrees to build more green energy capacity than all its current coal fired plants – in the next 15 years - and the US agrees to double the rate of emissions reductions starting in 2020.

But the clock is ticking, the World Resources Institute highlights recent studies that missed the latest UN report cut-off.

In other good news, conservation efforts succeed in saving the magnificent giant Galapagos tortoise and emerging ideas for human powered transport.

Also, we’re gearing up for our first “Green Friday” SALE, and on our blog, ClimateAction, have great suggestions for how to set up a climate-friendly kitchen.



China, U.S. Enter Into Historic Agreement to Limit Greenhouse Gases Emissions

The Clock is Ticking: 9 Significant Scientific Findings That Missed The Recent IPCC Report Tell Of Climate Impacts

Giant Tortoises Rally From Near Extinction on One Galapagos Island

Now This Could be Fun! A Cool Self Powered 2-Seater



10 Tips for a Climate-Friendly Kitchen

Keep an Eye Out for Exclusive Deals Coming to ClimateStore for Black Friday

Get the Global Warming Basics

A Cool Tool to Assess the Carbon Impact of Your Home Appliances


ClimateStore offers great products to help you reduce your carbon footprint!

This flameless candle runs on solar energy harnessed by small solar modules on the bottom of the candle. Simply flip the candle over and you have an amber LED bulb that flickers just like a real candle!

This wood drying rack provides 14 feet of drying space and is perfect for small loads of laundry. This accordion-style design allows the rack to fit perfectly in a corner, balcony, or even in the bathtub.

Preserve Everyday Bowls are made in the USA from 100% recycled, BPA-free, #5 plastic. The bowls, which come in a set of 4, are perfect for daily casual dining. They are made from the safest, food-grade plastic, they are dishwasher safe and durable enough to last for decades.

Preserve measuring cups are made in the USA from 100% recycled, BPA-free, #5 plastic. They are microwave durable and dishwasher safe which makes for convenient cooking and cleanup.

This compact solar charger easily fits in your work or school bag. With four times the power and twice the battery storage of most solar chargers in the market, you will never be stuck with a dead cellphone again!

Nearly 30% of heat in homes is lost through the doors and windows! This kit has all the materials you need insulate 5 windows for the winter. Sealing your windows in the winter reduces uncomfortable drafts and heat loss from your home.