Our Weekly Newsletter - 20 November 2014


In this week's newsletter: weather trumps climate as a November arctic blast hits the US, but climate warming continues as NASA reports October was the hottest ever recorded. The race is on to implement large scale renewable energy in China and India, with investments of up to $250B/year, and closer to home we celebrate Florida’s amazing native Manatee.

Also, NASA develops a stunning video depicting global CO2 emissions, we’re gearing up for our first “Green Friday” SALE, and we highlight America Recycles Day on our blog, ClimateAction.



All 50 U.S. States Feel Freezing Temperatures during Early November Artic Blast

But Elsewhere, It’s Another One for the Record Books As October Clocks in as the Warmest On Record

The Green Energy Race is On in Asia: 1/3 of all Energy Could be From Renewables in 15 years

We Love The Gentle Giants. Happy Manatee Awareness Month!



VIDEO: NASA Shows a Year in the Life of Earth’s CO2

ClimateStore Recently Celebrated America Recycles Day!

What's the Easiest Way to Make a Difference in Preventing Climate Change?

Black Friday is Just Around the Corner. Find Out How ClimateStore is Turning it Green


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