Our Weekly Newsletter - 11 December 2014


In this week's newsletter: after getting hit by 2 mega-typhoons in 13 months, the Philippines take a leadership role in reducing CO2 emissions and at ongoing global climate talks. A new study reports “intense” heatwaves are 10 times more likely in Europe due to climate change, and although warming could make things worse, scientists report the ongoing drought in California is likely due to natural variability. In wildlife news, thanks to the Endangered Species Act, sea turtle populations are starting to bounce back!

Also, in our blog, ClimateAction we discuss the climate benefits of soap-nuts and gift ideas for climate conscious gardeners. We also have a new line of products that help your reduce your paper towel waste and gift cards for the holidays. It’s a great time of year to get the message out about low carbon living!



Philippines Push Developing Countries to Cut Their Emissions

After Steep Decline, Signs of Hope for World’s Sea Turtles

Intense Heat Waves in Europe 10x More Likely Than Decade Ago

NOAA Reports Deep California Drought is Due to Natural Causes



Gift Ideas for the Green Thumb

What are Soap Nuts and Why are They Good for the Planet?

People’s Towels. A New Alternative to Avoid Purchasing Paper Towels

ClimateStore Giftcards are the Perfect Sustainable Gift for Anyone on Your List


ClimateStore offers great products to help you reduce your carbon footprint!

This case is a lightweight, secure, water-resistant and eco-friendly home for your e-reader. This sleek case was made from upcycled
coats and jackets that had reached the end of their useful lives.

$65.00 $51.47
The stylish gent can always bet on black with this eco-friendly Sprout model. This timepiece is the perfect accessory for the man-in-motion who cares about the environment and looking good.

You can now 'burn the candle at both ends.' The HighLight / LowLight Reversible Candle Holder handsomely displays tea light candles on one side but can be flipped over to hold a tapered candle and a more formal tabletop setting.

This passive amplifier channels and enhances sound using the natural shape of bamboo - much like the shape of opera house or amphitheater amplifies the voices of the performers.

The SunBell Solar Lamp is a great charger for off-the-grid! It works excellent as a reading lamp, as a ceiling lamp, as a flash light and as a USB charger for mobile devices.

$105.00 $84.99
This pendant is large enough to offer a beautiful and complex design without being overbearing. This piece is made of 100% recycled sterling silver and packaged in environmentally responsible materials.