Dry Manure Seed Pots - 4" Square (12 Pack)

These small pots are a great way to get a head starting on the growing season with eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, squash, all sorts of herbs and flowering annuals. CowPots work just like "peat pots" - once the seedlings are ready, the biodegradable pot can be planted directly into the soil. Odor free and shelf stable, Cowpots are a fantastic use of the an abundant and renewable agricultural by-product.
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Key Features

This size is optimal for vegetables that need to start in a greenhouse before transplanting to the field, like peppers, tomatoes and eggplant. They are also suitable for starting large annual flowers and small shrubs. This 4 inch pot is a close match to the standard pot size used for perennials and herbs.

Cowpots are a fantastic product, both for people and for plants. They provide all the benefits of plantable "peat pots" but in a much more environmentally friendly way. And we can recommend them to almost all serious gardeners because:

  • The air permeable and moisture retaining planter keeps the roots of young plant healthy, encouraging air pruning and secondary root development.
  • Your seedlings will never be subjected to transplant shock, since the pot slowly dissolves after being planted.
  • They let you start plants you that normally can't survive a transplant, including pumpkins, squash, zucchinis and cucumbers.
  • Getting an early on start on the growing season but starting seeds indoor will increase the productivity of your garden.
  • The pot dissolves directly into your garden, naturally fortifying the the soil.

CowPots have been tested by some universities and many independent nurseries. Testing has revealed that starting plants in CowPots can help shorten the growing cycle and increase fruit set by up to 10%!

The manure for CowPots has been dried and separated to remove excess nitrogen and odor causing compounds. They have no smell, even when wet, and do not carry any diseases or bacteria from the original manure. 


  • Volume: 450 mL/cell, 27 cu. In. 
  • Dimensions: 4” x 2 1/2” x 3 3/4”
  • Fits Carrier Tray: Dillen CTS 415, 15 pots/tray
  • Shelf life: Once planted, the #4 square stays intact for up to 3 months in a greenhouse setting. Before planting, keep in a cool dry location for an indefinite shelf life.


Cowpots Directions

  1. Sow: Fill CowPots with your preferred potting soil mix and plant seeds according to directions on seed packet.
  2. Sprout: Let your seeds grow indoors or in a greenhouse. In addition to standard trays, self watering trays and bottom watering are suitable for use with CowPots. Be sure not to over water - the manure medium retains moisure and the pot may dissolve prematurely. If possible, leave space between pots for maximum air circulation. Give the pot time to harden between watering and allow pot to dry before handling (CowPots are fragile when wet).
  3. Plant: When seedlings are ready for planting, simply place CowPots into soil. Pick up plants by stem base for easiest handling. Plant the entire CowPot and cover it completely with soil. Do not break up the CowPot (it will damage the roots and create transplant shock). Give the ground a single slow soak afterward to start the pots' decomposition.
  4. Enjoy: Your plant's roots will continue to to grow through the soft, slowly dissolving Cowpots. This gently releases the seedling's roots from the pot, preventing transplant shock. In 2-4 weeks the Cowpots will totally dissolve, depositing the manure's nutrients right at the roots of the seedling, just when your plant needs them most.  


Located in Connecticut, the family owned and operated Freund’s Farm is a flagship of sustainability in the dairy industry. Their environmental achievements are not limited to the production of Cowpots from farm waste; they also have a 13kW solar installation for the farm and digest all extra manure to produce biogas and prevent pollution from runoff. They also practice excellent grasslands management through rotational grazing and grow all winter forage locally. Their milking facility is a custom greenhouse with natural light and air ventilation in order to keep their cows comfortable.

In addition to all of their wonderful operational initiatives, Cowpots also contributes to sustainability programs at their dairy collective, the Cabot Creamery Cooperative, including the Wonder Wheel! educational program for sustainable and healthy kids.

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Cowpots are a great alternative to traditional plastic pots, which are are made using fossil fuels and with virgin material (planting pots usually don't have recycled content.) Cowpots takes manure, normally considered waste, and turns it into a healthy and useful product. Cowpots ensure that the carbon in manure in transferred into your garden soil, rather than contributing to climate change as carbon dioxide or methane from leehing into the environment or sitting idle in a waste lagoon. In addition, the Cowpots farm and manufacturing plant is entirely powered by renewable solar and biogas energy.

They are also superior to "peat pots" seedling planters because they don't disturb delicate peat swamps, which are important carbon sinks. Peat swamps are thought to store nearly 525 Gigatons of carbon and are therefore recognized as one of the largest global stores of carbon. Preserving peat swamps is an important component to mitigating climate change.

The Cowpots brand is also an excellent steward of their local ecosystems. Fresh and coastal waters are critical to ecosystem health and the planet's ability to sequester carbon. By preventing the nutrients in manure from running off into regional lakes and waterways, Cowpots keep pollution and subsequent algal blooms from disrupting aquatic ecosystems. The Cowpots cows are also grazed via rotational grazing, which preserves topsoil and may allow grasslands to capture more carbon.

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Unlike their plastic counterparts, which usually aren't recyclable, Cowpots will never take up space in a landfill. They are highly biodegradable and will entirely dissolve into your garden soil within 2-4 weeks of planting.

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