Programmable Thermostat

You already know that you can reduce your energy use by dialing back the thermostat when you are sleeping or away from home - but do you really do it every day? By switching to a programmable thermostat, it is easy to have your home at the temperature you want, whenever you want. This thermostat remembers your weekday and weekend routines and has battery-free memory to preserve your preferred settings.
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  • 5-2 Day Programming: Set the weekly program once with four time and temperature settings. The four set points are followed for five consecutive days. On the weekend, four different set points can be set for all day comfort.
  • Simple Touch Controls: to set weekly programs for summer and winter,
  • Pre-programed Settings: to make setup a breeze.
  • Worry-free Memory: to maintain temperature settings even during power outages.
  • New Improved Display: Makes viewing and setting the temperature easier.
  • Adjustable Temperature Differential: Maintains optimal comfort.
  • Filter Monitor: Provides notice when filters need changing.
  • Automatic Compressor Short Cycle Protection: Reduces wear and tear of FIVAC equipment with this system safeguard.
  • Temporary Program Override: Allows for manual temperature adjustment
  • Quick Wire Terminal Block: Uses sturdy wire clamps — no wrap—around of screws for fast and easy installation.

AM Conservation Group

This Robertshaw Programmable Thermostat was supplied by AM Conservation. AM Conservation has made high quality products for some of the largest and most comprehensive conservation programs in US history.

Energy Efficiency

Depending on your local climate, 30-50% of your home energy is used to heat and cool the house. If you use this thermostat to dial back the temperature while you aren't home (about 5-10 degrees for 8 hours a day), you can use 5-25% less energy every year! While the environmental benefits may vary with your local climate control needs, this product definitely makes it easy to save energy.

Green Savings

We expect that this thermostat will 5-15% less energy every year, depending on your local climate and comfort needs.  It easily pays for itself in less than a year!

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