Bubi Collapsible Water Bottle - 14oz

Tired of carrying your bulky water bottle around? You can always carry a refillable water bottle with you with the new light-weight collapsible Bubi Bottle. Since it's made from medical grade silicone, the Bubi is great for both hot and cold beverages. It's perfect for events, day trips, school, work, or even around the house. And since tap water uses about 15 times less carbon that buying bottled water - it's great for the environment too!

This bottle comes with a twist on cap. You may also want to consider purchasing the Bubi Bottle Sports Cap.

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Key Features

  • BPA Free - Silicone material does not need any plasticizes
  • Resistant to mold and microbial growth
  • Multi use bottle is also a great storage container or dry bag
  • Rolls up for easy storage, ready for next use
  • Reversible to easily clean the inside
  • Microwavable and dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe, fill and freeze
  • Makes a great hot or cold pack
  • Resists temperatures up to 450F


Weight: 7.00 oz.

Bubi Bottle

The award winning Bubi bottles were created by company founder Craig Madaus, and reflect a spirit of eco-friendly innovation.  As an athlete and adventurer, Madaus was looking to create a reusable bottle that would require little storage when empty and provide a better alternative for the environment than their plastic single-use counterparts. Founded in Florida in 2011, the company produces these scrunchable multi-use bottles from safe, flexible, medical-grade silicone.    

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Over 2.5 million tons of CO2 is used to product PET water bottles for Americans every year. The energy we waste making PET water bottles is enough to power 190,000 homes! Since manufacturing a single reusable bottle that lasts for 3-5 years takes substantially less energy than the 100s of PET bottles it will replace, using a reusable water bottle keeps greenhouse gases (GHGs) out of the atmosphere.

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It take a lot of energy, and hence fossil fuels, to make disposable bottles. It takes even more energy to process, ship, and store them, making them far more energy intensive than using water from a well or municipal tap. Every time you use a reusable water bottle, or don't use a single-use one, you lower your carbon footprint.

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While many disposal PET bottles end up being recycled, recovering that PET material uses energy! By avoiding bottled water, you also avoid using energy to collect, ship, and recycle PET bottles.

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If you frequently buy bottled water because you forgot your water bottle, this little - scrunchable - bottle can help save money. Try bringing it on long day trips or events. You can avoid the high prices for bottled water and fill up at the tap for free!

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