Electric Chipper and Shredder

This electric chipper and shredder is great for projects around the house! Quiet, light weight and easy to assemble, it's a great way to get rid of twigs and branches brush left over from yard projects. Since it is has an electric power source, it's cleaner than gas powered chippers, so it better for both you and the planet.

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Key Features

  • Powerful 15 amp motor for reliable results when shredding and chipping your yard debris
  • Maximum cutting diameter of 1 3/8", perfect for shredding small branches in your yard
  • 7" wheels makes relocating a breeze
  • Push paddle makes feeding materials into the hopper safe and simple 
  • Large collection bag for easy disposal when done
  • Comes with additional set of reversible blades


Model 24052
Product Includes        15A Chipper/Shredder, Push Paddle, Collection Bag, Replacement Blades, Owner's Manual
Housing Material Plastic
Certification(s) CSA
Cut Capacity 1-3/8" (35 mm)
Total Length 37-1/2 inches
Wheel Sizes : 7 inches
Power Source Double insulated, weather proof electrical cord

* The Electric Chipper disposes of twigs, branches and bamboo with ease, but it may jam on leaves, vines, and very green wood.


GreenWorks has multiple lines of all electric corded and cordless lawn tools. With a mission to bring yard care in into the 21st century, their products eliminate the smell, noise, hassle, and wasted energy associated with conventional, gas powered yard tools. Constantly updating their designs, GreenWorks has recently released a new 80V tool line to bring professional level power to the electric mower market.

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GreenWorks tools use much less energy and 95 - 98% less carbon than gas powered tools (depending on the exact model and the local electricity grid.) While this might sound impossible, the truth is that small gas engines are incredibly inefficient. For example, most push mowers need about a gallon of gas to operate for an hour, while that same gallon could propel an entire car for more than 21 miles! For example, the average gas mower uses 1 gallon of gas an hour and produces nearly 20 lbs of CO2-eqv greenhouse gases. These electric yard tools will use about 1.0 kWh of electricity per hour and release only 1.2 lbs of CO2-eqv, depending on what types of fuels power the regional grid. Electric yard and lawn equipment could save most people 380 lbs of CO2-eqv a year, or 2% of the average personal carbon footprint.

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Along with these big energy savings come some great financial benefits, too. For example, running a gas powered mower will use about a gallon of gas (which is at $2.50 now) and an electric mower will use about 0.5 kWh, which at the US average price of $0.11 / kWh, is about $0.06. For people who mow their yard about 20 times a year, they should save about $50 annually! Most GreenWorks products have an ROI of 3-6 years, depending on the exact model and the local prices of gas and electricity.

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Weight 40.4500
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Brand GreenWorks
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