DUO Accessory Drying Rack

The DUO is the perfect way to dry small garments, dish towels, and intimates. It features 16 durable hanging clips and easily folds for storage or travel. The DUO can also break down into separate components that can attach onto the ends of the LOFTi Drying System, making the pair the ultimate electricity-free clothes-drying system.
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Key Features

DUO™ is the perfect partner to LOFTi™. DUO™ features 16 durable hanging clips and easily folds for storage or travel. DUO™ can also break down into separate components that attach onto the ends of LOFTi™, making the pair a great clothes-drying system. The DUO can be used on its own or as an add-on to the LOFTi. Its convenient size allows it to be used anywhere in the home, and is perfect for small apartments or dorm rooms.

  • Air-dry Small Items
  • Reduces Power Bills
  • Fits Any Home Décor
  • Folds for Space Saving


  • Width: 16.69"
  • Height: 16.8"

The New Clothesline Company

The New Clothesline Company advocates for Slow Laundry in the spirit of the ‘Slow Movement’. If you aren’t familiar with the ‘Slow Movement,’ it encourages a cultural shift toward slowing down life’s pace by taking time to enjoy each day, while simultaneously saving energy.

Energy Efficiency Icon

The average American household machine dries about 400 loads of laundry every year, using about 500 kg CO2 eqv every year. That is an entire 3% of household carbon emissions in the US! If you use a clothes drier to dry most of your laundry, switching to a drying rack is an affordable way to make an immediate and long lasting reduction in your carbon impact.

Money Saver

You can save money on utility bills by air drying clothes rather than using a traditional drying machine. Air drying three loads of laundry per week saves about $10 per month! Air drying also reduces wear and tear on clothing and helps your favorite garments last longer, so you can save money since you won’t need to buy new clothes as often!

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