AM Conservation 1.5 GPM Water-Saving/Conserving Kitchen Sprayer FA036-C-1_5

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The Deluxe Plus 1.5gpm Kitchen Faucet Aerator delivers strong pressure while only using 1.5 gallons of water per minute. Use the swivel head to direct the water to where it is needed and the pause lever to slow the flow to a trickle without affecting water temperature for additional savings. The aerator features a bubble stream spray and wide stream spray. It is dual-threaded to fit most standard faucets. This product saves an average user $35 per year on water and energy utility bills compared to standard faucets.


The Deluxe Sprayer combines all the features you could want in a water-saving faucet aerator. The Deluxe Aerator boasts an ultra-efficient flow rate off 1.5 GPM, compared to the current standard of 2.2 GPM. It has a pause lever for reduced flow with the flip of a finger. The Deluxe Aerator also has dual spray options – pull down for wide full force spray or up for a splash-free bubble stream combined with a 360 degree swivel for optimum convenience. This multi-feature Deluxe Aerator makes any kitchen faucet more water efficient and energy efficient by reducing hot water use and boosting water pressure for better rinsing action.


The Deluxe Plus Sprayer attaches directly to the end of your kitchen faucet and replaces your existing aerator attachment.  It is dual-threaded to fit most standard male and female faucets.


 WaterSense  is a national program by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It seeks to protect our nation's water supply by promoting products and services that substantially reduce water use. Products that earned the WaterSense label are certified to be at least 20 percent more water efficient without sacrificing performance.

AM Conservation

AM Conservation Group is a long standing industry provider of energy and water conservation products. Over the years, they've supplied products for some of the largest and most comprehensive conservation programs in US history.

Energy Efficiency

The Deluxe Aerator is energy efficient because the control lever lets you thoroughly wash dishes while using approximately 65% less hot water. Since about 3% home energy use goes to heating water for the kitchen, this small change can make a big difference!

Green Savings

Using this aerator and pausing the flow for just half the time of a 10 minute dish washing routine can save you 15 gallons of hot water per day, or 5,200 gallons per year! You can potentially save about $158 a year!

* Comparisons assume this product replaces a 2.2 GPM faucet aerator, that the control valve is used for half the washing session, and that how water costs $.03 per gallon

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