AM Conservation Furnace Filter Whistle FA-100-I

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This simple device makes a low, soft whistling sound if it is plugged into a clogged filter. Plug it into your filter to test if it is clogged, and leave in to alert you once the filter needs changing. Operating your furnace with a clogged filter can not only damage your equipment, but it can also cause your system to operate up to 15% less efficiently! Generally, these filters should be changed about every 1-3 months (during heating season). This whistle will remind you so you don't waste energy and money heating your home inefficiently.


The whistle easily attaches to a new furnace filter and sounds when your filter becomes 50% clogged, letting you know it is time to replace the filter. The Furnace Filter Whistle is reusable. 

AM Conservation Group

AM Conservation Group is a long standing industry provider of energy and water conservation products. Over the years, they've supplied products for some of the largest and most comprehensive conservation programs in US history.

Energy Efficiency

Operating your furnace with a clogged filter can cause your heating system to operate up to 15% less efficiently. Installing the Furnace Filter Whistle will help you change your filter on schedule so you can heat your home efficiently and avoid wasting energy.

Green Savings

Keep your furnace filters clean so you can avoid spending up to an extra 15% on home heating costs. This is well worth the small extra cost of installing the Furnace Filter Whistle and buying a few extra filters to keep on hand.

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