Our Carbon Footprint Icons

We appreciate it can be difficult to sort out the carbon-lowering impact of products and activities; and for good reason, as there are lots of factors that go into evaluating a products' impact on our atmosphere.

To help sort things out, we developed icons we hope will make things easier. We review all our products for carbon impact and award icons to those that produce fewer greenhouse gases (GHGs) in either the production, use and/or disposal phases of their lifecycle. We also award icons when products produce their own renewable (green) energy, save money or have educational content. And just for fun, we have an icon for staff favorites!

Ideally, there would be an industry standard for things like this - and not just ClimateStore's view - but until then, we spend a lot of time researching and analyzing whether products can be awarded icons and which ones. It's not a perfect process, but it's critical to our mission and one we will continually improve over time. It also goes without saying, that if a product can't earn an icon, we won't carry it in our store.

To understand our thinking for each product, look for the information on each product's detail page. If you have questions about a product's icon, feel free to call us at 774-469-0357, or e-mail us at customerservice@climatestore.com. If you have suggestions on how to improve our icons, we'd love to hear from you at ideas@climatestore.com. And thanks!


Products with our production icon are made and distributed in a way that has a significantly lower carbon impact than its alternatives. Lower carbon impacts during the production of a product can be achieved with the following:

  • Made in the USA or North America (USA, Mexico, or Canada).
  • Sustainable shipping, storage, and distribution practices.
  • Energy efficient manufacturing and facilities that use renewable energy.
  • Made from rapidly renewable materials, recycled materials, and other sustainable sources.
  • Made with greener, nontoxic, or less energy intense chemicals.
  • Reusable or encourages the reuse of other products.
  • Reduced packing or packaged with climate friendly materials.
  • Unique and effective brand-wide sustainability initiatives.
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Energy Efficiency

This icon is awarded to products that require substantially less energy to use or operate. This includes:

  • Devices that save energy indirectly, like a shower timer, a smart power strip, or weatherization materials.
  • Devices that run on significantly less carbon power.
  • Devices that use less to energy, like LED light bulbs.
Energy Efficient Products

Saves Water (and energy too!)

This icon is awarded to products that save water, including:

  • Devices that save water directly through more efficient design - like a smart shower head, smart washer designs or thermal shut offs.
  • Products that save water indirectly like a shower timer or a water usage meter.
  • Devices that save water through substitution - for example, changing to to landscaping that doesn't require outdoor sprinklers.
Water Saving Ideas


This icon goes to products that take less energy to throw out, dispose, and decompose. Municipal waste often heads to landfills or is incinerated, which contributes to carbon dioxide emissions. There are a number of factors that go into determining the carbon cost of a product end of life. We consider products that are:

  • Recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable.
  • Reusable or encourage the reuse of other products.
  • Requires less processing, chemical treatments, or disposal shipping.
Recyclable, Compostable and Biodegradable

Green Savings

These products mitigate climate change while also saving you money. They have low payback periods, are affordable, or operate with significantly less costs to the user. Good deals on these great products can save you money every time you use them.

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Renewable Energy

These products are self-powered or even power other devices. They generate, store, or capture energy that would otherwise come from unrenewable sources. By generating and using renewable power, these products and those who use them are able to cut emissions and work towards mitigating climate change.

Products That are Self Powered or Generate Energy

Gives Back

This icon is awarded to products, that through their purchase, also result in additional positive actions for the climate. This includes:

  • Made by companies that give a % of revenues to environmental projects related to climate - like conservation, environmental protection, and/or additional carbon offsets.
  • Companies that do direct volunteering linked to products sales or revenues - with a related climate benefit.
  • Products that give back to non-profits (e.g. NGO's and foundations), which have a climate focus.
Products that Give Back - or Forward!


These products aim to help people become more aware of how their actions affect the planet. They:

  • Educate people about climate change
  • Gather information on your personal carbon impact
  • Discuss science, sustainability, and how to get your community involved in the fight against climate change.

These items make great gifts and will help grow an interest in climate change and the future of the planet.

Education, Action and Awareness

Staff Favorites

These products are the ClimateStore team’s favorites. We either use them at home or in the office or find their carbon impact or value proposition compelling. Although we love all the products we carry, we only allow staff picks for a few and they change from month to month.

Staff Picks

3rd Party Icons

When available, we include icons from trusted 3rd party organizations - that provide value when evaluating products. We're adding more all the time so if you see one you'd like us to consider, please drop us a line at ideas@climatestore.com


Made in America

A substantial number of components or assembly in the U.S.

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EPA's labeling program that helps people protect the climate through energy efficiency.

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Certified for conformance to the EPA WaterSense specification

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USDA Organic

Meets all USDA organic labeling standards

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