Learn About Climate Change

At the ClimateStore, we're convinced by the scientific evidence that climate change is real. We're also concerned about the impacts and, at the same time, hopeful about what can be done to mitigate the worst. It's a pretty complicated issue, so we've taken some time to put together information to explain the issue, with lots of links to outside resources. If you want to learn about climate change, and we hope you do, this is a pretty good place to start!

Is Climate Change Real?

The scientific community is virtually unanimous it's real, human caused - and coming fast. Here's our take...

Is it Real?

Should I Care?

Wondering if you should be concerned? If it's urgent enough to start taking action?

Our Call to Action

What are the Impacts?

Climate Change will have lots of impacts. We try to sort them out.


Is it Urgent?

Climate change is no longer a long term issue. Not any more. We explain why it's urgent we reduce emissions now.

The Clock is Ticking

What Can I Do?

There is a lot you can do to stop climate change. The power of personal action is alive and well.

Here's How

Have Questions?

Check out our list of frequently asked questions about climate change. With links to more resources.

FAQs about Climate Change

Details for Doubters, The Science Experts and More

It's pretty normal to doubt things. Looking for more details? Check out our details for doubters page or consensus reports. Interested in reducing your carbon footprint - start by making a plan.

Details for Doubters

Looking for more details on the science? We distill the key points...

Climate Change Science

Consensus Reports

We list the top scientific reports on climate change by world experts

Reports by the Experts

Polar Bears

The mighty polar bear is on the front lines of climate change...

What's happening in the Arctic

Make a Plan

There are 100's of easy actions you can take to stop climate change...

Get Started Here

7 Short Climate Change Videos that Get to the Point

There are lots of great climate change videos out there. Here's our short list:

Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye & National Geographic (~4min) => here

Greta Thunberg Does the Cabon Budget Math (~6 min) => here

Bill McKibben's Do the Math:The Science of Climate Change (~6min) => here

Veritasum Debunks 13 Misconceptions About Global Warming (~7 min) => here

Was the Moon Landing faked? Big Questions with Neil deGrasse Tyson - Climate Change could create a "living hell" on Earth (~11 min) => here

Bill Gates Explains the Need for Near Zero Emissions (~1 min) => here

John Oliver forever Reframes the Climate Change Debate (~4 min) =>here