Climate Change: Our Call to Living Better

At the ClimateStore, we think our planet is amazing and worth protecting. We also think the risks of climate change are very real.

The good news is we still have time to act , and living cleaner can also be fun and easy.

But you don't have to just take our word for it. Take a quick look at these videos; a few minutes of your time could change the world.

Our Planet Is Amazing!

Our planet is simply amazing! It's better than Pandora (for those that have seen the movie Avatar), because it's real. Life here took millions of years to evolve and well, it's the only planet we'll ever have.

The issue is, because we're using so much energy from fossil fuels to power our lights, heat and cool our homes, drive our cars and run our factories, we're at risk of making it uninhabitable for many animals and making things much tougher for us humans as well.

Wondering why we think it's such an important place to protect? Double-click this short video!

Now is the Time to Act!

The risks of not reducing our carbon footprint are severe. Without going into all the studies on this, if we don't reduce our carbon footprint - in a big way - and starting now - it could be game over for many species on the planet and it will get tough for us humans too.

The scientific evidence of human-caused Climate Change is indisputable. The forecasts are sobering.

FUN! and Easy

The really good news is there's still time to make a difference. So, although the weather will be getting more variable, if we - as in all of us - pull together now and start reducing our carbon footprint, we can save the environment we rely on.

And there is even more good news! Taking steps to reduce to your carbon footprint is Fun and Easy .

And that's what the ClimateStore is all about.

It's that simple. So let's get started!