Reducing Your Carbon Footprint is Fun and Easy!

This is a Walk in the Park...No Kidding

walk in the park

Whoever said this wasn't easy; well they were completely wrong.

We don't need to step back to the Stone Age to secure our future. Sure, we need to start thinking differently about energy use, but small steps can have a significant impact!

There are many easy ways to reduce energy use and your resulting carbon footprint:

  • Replace those old incandescent light bulbs with long lasting LED lights
  • Use less water with low-flow shower heads and faucets
  • Start monitoring your electricity use with home energy meters!
  • Use a smart thermostat to reduce the amount of oil, gas and coal used to heat your home
  • Buy products made from recycled or upcycled materials
  • Recycle and compost at home
  • Complete an energy audit for your home
  • Buy some smart power strips to stop power loss from unused computers, game stations, and appliances (also called vampire power)

And there are 100's of great ideas to choose from!

And Have Fun!

baby penguins

There are so many ways to have fun when you're doing good. The first is to get someone else to take the journey with you. Talk to a friend, do a project with a family member, form a climate group in your apartment building, search for energy savings in your home Sherlock Holmes or Blue's Clues.

You can check your energy use with a new power meter , go to the Zoo and see some of the wonders of nature, start generating your own power using solar and wind (and tell your neighbors!), have a climate change progressive dinner, plant trees in your yard or school, or find ways to stay cool with less air conditioning. You can buy new baskets for your bicycle and bike for small groceries.

baby penguins

You can go for a walk by a lake or in the woods and search for birds or new plants, check out Cubs Corner with your kids, make an action plan with your family or freinds, put a picture of your favorite wild animal on your mirror to greet you each morning, cover your walls and school backpack with animal art, or go to your local farmers market. The list goes on and on!

And as you make progress, be sure to celebrate your successes! You're doing something good for yourself and others!


Thanks for taking action to mitigate Climate Change!