Better Living for a Healthy Climate

At the ClimateStore, we agree with the old saying "it all starts at home" ain't that the truth!

We believe that individuals can make a difference in mitigating climate change. Yes, we also need government, industry, religious groups, universities, schools, and many institutions to provide leadership, and they are critically important; however, they will not replace the personal leadership we have through the power of example.

Think Different

wet bear

To make a difference, we all need to start thinking differently. We need to get up in the morning with awareness and respect for the planet on which we depend. We need to make the link that shutting off the light switch makes a difference for the magnificent creatures that walk and swim in the Arctic, and to the birds and creatures that live in our forests…even as far away as the Great Barrier Reef. We need to start seeing that nature - on which we all depend - is awesome and our actions really matter.

When we do this, the simple steps we take to save the polar bears, or the climate for future generations, will not feel like extra effort. Just the opposite! Through these actions we are defining a new outcome for the ecosystems on which we all depend; and it all starts with our personal example.

Step by Step


The truth is that there are many great ways to help the polar bears. You don't need to become a naturalist or veterinarian; all you need to do is start living differently.

At the ClimateStore, we think learning to live more sustainably is a stepwise process . We can't all switch to biofuels or start using public transportation overnight. But we do need to change, and the next few years really count.

Do the Easy Things First

It's fun and easy to get started. There are a lot of simple and easy ways to start making a difference...starting today or this week. So do the easy things first:

  • replace your old incandescent bulbs with modern carbon-lowering LED lighting
  • reduce your water usage by installing new money saving low-flow faucet and shower heads
  • buy a new power-meter to monitory your home energy use
  • use energy saving power strips to prevent vampire power pollution
  • use drying racks to lower the carbon footprint of your laundry
  • plant trees in your backyard or start composting
  • don't idle your car when you're waiting to pick up the kids (it has a big impact!)
  • ...and there are many more Easy Steps you can take!

Once you get started, think more deeply about renewables, how to insulate your home, or what to buy for a car. If you want, develop a plan.

Get Involved for the Long Haul

The Doer

Climate change is not something we are going to fix in a month or year. It took many decades to get where we are today; it will take some time to get us on the right path. But we need to start now...because the clock is ticking.

So, set some achievable goals, measure your progress, then step back and think about what's next for you and your family. Over time, you'll be changed by the process and your own successes. Through your actions, we will be living in a cleaner and better that sounds good to us!