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Tired of sitting at the lunch table and having no one talk about climate change? Frustrated by the growing culture of climate silence? Us too! Global warming is the issue of our time!

This durable white vinyl transfer sticker (sometimes called a car decal) is just what you need to get the message out that the time to take climate action is now - and you're in favor of putting a PRICE on CARBON. It is 6 X 3.5 inches, and is great for car rear and side windows, glass doors or windows, laptops, and other smooth surfaces (higher the contrast the better).

It is thoughtfully designed to be highly visible from a distance and priced to be affordable. Adhere it somewhere visible or give one to a friend or colleague so they can amplify the message. This sticker is just what you need to let people know you care!

Key Features

Looking for a way to tell the world you are sick-and-tired of inaction about the climate crisis?

Frustrated that more people are not yelling climate justice now from the treetops!

This climate action transfer sticker is just for you.

Lets face it, people just do not talk enough about climate change. Academic studies from Yale, George Mason, EcoAmerica, and others have shown that although people are concerned they just dont talk about the issue. The emerging climate of silence is as serious an issue as finding a way to stop big oil.

Raising awareness - letting people know that other people care (that would be you!) - is most likely the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING you can do to support progress on the issue. REALLY!

With a climate change sticker, the next time you fire up your laptop for your 8 hour session at Starbucks, the library, or wherever you hang, you will be continuously demonstrating to the rest of the world that real people like YOU actually think about, care for, and vote for the climate.

The bottom line is we will never achieve a carbon tax or renewables at scale if we don't win over the general public so they know this is an all-hands-on-deck crisis. The more people see other people – like you - expressing their concern - the more they too will find the courage and inspiration to address the issue of our time. Heck, when we reach the tipping point, they'll be afraid to be left out of the party. But we have a lot of messaging to do before this happens.

The possible locations for this transfer sticker include: car rear and side windows, glass doors, building glass doors, exterior or interior windows, water bottles, laptops, desktop computers, smooth luggage rollers, office environments, helmets, refrigerators, cabinet doors, surfboards, skateboards, the list goes on and on.


  • Individual Die Cut Transfer Sticker (Window Decal)
  • Custom Design - Good for Car Windows, Glass and other Smooth Surfaces
  • 6 to 6.5 inches wide, and 3 to 4 inches tall
  • High-Quality Vinyl Stock
  • Highly durable
  • UV Protected
  • Outdoor or Indoor Use
  • Water/weather resistant
  • Transfer paper layer for easy installation


Yes, we design and provision these stickers ourselves. :>

Have a suggestion about a climate action design we should carry? Send us a note at, we are happy to throw together some ideas that will support the cause.

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This product helps raise awareness about the climate crisis, global warming and its immense potential human and ecological impact.

When you make visible use of this sticker you are SENDING a lot of AMAZING MESSAGES to others - and here's what they might be thinking when they see yours:

  • That you most likely care about the climate, oceans, reefs, the planet and all of its ecosystems and inhabitants
  • You probably think the issue is URGENT and the time to act is now
  • You care enough (and are unafraid enough!) to want to let other people know it's important to you
  • You probably accept the climate science - in opposition to the deniers
  • You most likely believe there is still time to take action
  • You probably support renewable energy, carbon pricing, and legislation like a carbon fee-and-dividend program
  • You're a compassionate individual who cares about the natural world and future generations

Thanks for caring about the climate!

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Weight 0.007800
Brand ClimateStore
Shape transfer
Size (inches) 6x3.5 in
Color White
Climate Message Carbon Price
Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor (UV coat)
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