Price Carbon Yard Sign Smiley Face - 16x21 - Red

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Passionate about stopping Climate Change? Agree we need to put Price on Carbon?

This highly-visible friendly Yard Sign is just what you need to get the message out that you believe we should PRICE CARBON.

It's 16x21 inches, 2-sided, highly visible from a distance, and is good for year-round outdoor and indoor applications. It comes with a snug-fitting 20-inch galvanized steel H-stake that you can assemble and install in minutes.

Stick it on your front yard, around town or campus, in a window, on a door, somewhere visible, or buy one for a friend.

Daily, weekly, and monthly viewing by passersby will steadily and consistently build critically-needed familiarity and trust for the concept. You've got this!

Key Features

Looking for a way to take action to address the climate change?

Passionate about building public support for climate action and a Price on Carbon!

With a highly visible Yard Sign, you will be raise awareness for the issue - and starting the process of building familiarity and trust for the idea of pricing carbon.

The fact is that we will never achieve a price on carbon if we don't win over the general public. The more people see other people - like you - expressing their support - and showing social proof - the sooner they will be at ease with the idea and come to normalize its importance and prospects. It's the only way.

You can place this highly-visible Yard Sign in your front yard, at school, on your college campus, around town, at your non-profit, company, and much more. You can use the included H-stake, or if you can't find a spot, tape it in a visible window or on a door. The possibilities are endless!


  • Individual Yard Sign
  • 16x21 Inches
  • 2-Sided
  • High Visibility Design
  • Outdoor Use
  • Thickness: 4-5 mm
  • Comes with 20-inch Galvanized Steel H-Stake
  • 100% Recycleable
  • Screen Printed
  • All-Weather Resistant


Yes, we designed and provisioned these Yard Signs ourselves!

Have a suggestion about a design we should carry? Send us a note at

Climate Action at It's Best

This product helps raise awareness about the climate crisis, global warming, and its immense human and ecological impact.

When you use this Yard Sign you are sending a lot of amazing messages to others. Here's what they might be thinking when they see yours:

  • You care about the climate, oceans, reefs, the planet and all of its ecosystems and inhabitants.
  • You probably think the issue is urgent and the time to act is now.
  • You care enough to want to let other people know it's important to you.
  • You believe the climate science - in opposition to the deniers.
  • You believe there is still time to take action.
  • You support renewable energy, carbon pricing, and smart policies like a carbon fee-and-dividend program.
  • You're a compassionate person who cares about future generations.

Thanks for caring about the climate, taking action, and raising awareness for smart solutions!

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Climate Message Carbon Price
Color Red
Shape rectangle
Size (inches) 16x21 in
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