About ClimateStore

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build the worlds largest collection of climate messaging gear to help pass a price on carbon.


Because we need to put a price on Carbon, like yesterday!

We Need to Price Carbon - Now!

A price on carbon will immediately shift consumer (and corporate), behavior away from atmosphere-poisoning fuels to clean renweable energy and energy efficiency. It will leverage the proven powers of capitalism and drive innovation and create jobs.

There are literally hundeds of benefits.

Steve Bushnell

Weekend Climate Activist, Aspiring Social-Entrepreneur, Carbon Tax Advocate, and Artist Wanna-Be

Because despite 40+ years of pain-staking hard-fought peer-reviewed science (a huge shout-out to the amazing scientific community), and clear communication to political leaders (thanks Jim Hansen, Bill McKibben, Bill Nye, Greta Thunberg, Leo DiCaprio, and millions more!), we don't have an international, national, or regional, PRICE on CARBON.

And it's a fact (with a due nod to the policy experts), that the ONLY way to substantially, measurablably, convincingly, irreversibly, and forevermore, keep fossil fuels in the ground is to enact a Carbon Tax.

And why, you ask, despite jumping, yelling, shouting, demonstrating, marching, fasting, 20+ international (COP) conferences, movies, articles, storms, heatwaves, floods, melting ice-caps, and more, why, pray tell, are our political leaders not passing sweeping legislation to stop this human insanity and keep fossil fuels in the ground?

Because, unfortunately, to date, the majority of Americans care more about jobs, healthcare, liberty, and personal safety, than some way-off-in-the-far-distant-future-issue that is hard to grasp, like climate change, and they don't think they can have ANY impact on stopping it.

Oh, and 40+ years of disinformation campaigns from big oil and other misguided bad-actors didn't help much either. Damn.

Bigger Than Personal Action

I founded ClimateStore back in 2013 from my attic with the intent of building a 'One-Stop-Shop' for people interested in low-carbon living. All the experts said it couldn't be done. They were right!. It turned out starting an eco-friendly eCommerce business for low-carbon living the same year Amazon added ~15,000,0000 Prime Members, well, was, probably not the best business idea, even if we did curate our products. Retail in the Amazon era is not for the faint of heart.

(Taking a moment for a large slice of humble pie, and for a bow of gratitude to my supportive wife, family, friends, and creative staff. "You're walking away from your career to do what Dad? Have you lost your mind!?").

But rather than throw in the towel completely. Why not try something that might have an even greater impact? Why not looks for what's missing and fill the gap?

Coal Strip-Mining Truck - way bigger than a backyard composter - and it runs 24hrs a day!

The reality is, this crisis is WAY WAY bigger than personal action at this point. Heck, we burn ~81,000,000,000,000 lbs of fossil fuels per year. That's 81 trillion pounds of atmospheric poison from our trucks, cars, homes, schools, companies, planes, foods, boats, lawn-mowers, computers, agri-farms, consumer-goods, and so much more! Think that's going to be offset with backyard composters? No a chance in hell.

Now does that mean we should give up on low-carbon living, or more relevant net-zero living, or demonstrating to our community through our actions that we care? OF COURSE NOT! When our family took the plunge and installed solar panels on our home, others on our street followed. The power of personal action is alive and well. And now, more than ever, clean energy is competitive and readily available.

But it's not enough. As long we don't price carbon, companies will do what they are designed to do for their shareholders, make it cheaper and more affordable. (See Bill Mckibben's Book - Oil and Honey). It's a losing battle unless price-in the true cost of this planetary poison. And, it's a fools hope to think we're going to have a habital planet for anyone if we don't.

(Stopping now to take a deep breath and moment for self-compassion).

You Can Truly Make a Difference

For the price of a cup of starbucks coffee, and one bumper sticker, you can remind 6,000 people a year that you support a price on Carbon!

Your Car, front yard, laptop, clothing, phone, back-door, handbag, and more, could be a Marketing Engine for Change

People Aren't Talking About Climate Change

Yup. People just don't talk about it. don't beleive me? Read George Marshall's book => here

We will never get a price on carbon if we don't ask for it.

People Don't Know that You Care About Climate Change

Any why would they? They can't read your mind - really.

Our Promise

Our promise to you is to:

  • Provide high quality products that will make an impact, be educational, or promote the idea of low carbon living
  • Provide information on our product's carbon footprint throughout its life cycle
  • Communicate new ideas about sustainable living that will be impactful in the months and years to come
  • Run our store in a sustainable, low carbon, manner. (For example, this website runs on wind power!)

We look forward to supporting you! Let's get started!